Day in the Life {November 15}

When I set the 15th to be my monthly Day in the Life, my own birthday was the farthest thing from my mind, so I didn't think about blogging my birthday every year! Before I start with Sunday, the 15th, I must tell you that I am brilliant and didn't know it. I scheduled Bunco at my house with some friends for Saturday, November 14. Friday and Saturday we spent quite a lot of … [Read more...]

A letter to the mama who is freaking out that she isn’t doing enough.

[pinit count="horizontal"] Have you heard the exciting news? My friend Crystal, the Money Saving Mom, just released a new book, Money Making Mom. Crystal is a long-time (in internet years) friend. We met on Twitter, oh, 7ish years ago maybe? She wore 3-week-old Silas in a sling at our tiny town park on her first visit. He's six now. We've shared meals and our … [Read more...]

In the Toilet

Ever feel like life's in the toilet? Well, I've got nothing encouraging for you tonight. Sorry. Just this. Twelve+ years of parenting. Six children. Several flushed toothbrushes. Countless toilet-water-dipped hands. But this was a first. 4yo yelled upstairs, "Hey mom! J needs you! She's playing in the toilet!" Not exactly the hands in the toilet that I had … [Read more...]

Day in the Life {October 15}

I think it was about September 21 or so when I had an "Oh, no!" moment last month, realizing I had totally whiffed last month on the 15th. Oops! You can catch up on this year's Day in the Life posts here. (The ones that are done, anyway. ;)  ) 4:54 ~ I woke to a click and a super bright hallway light. What in the world?! Reluctantly crawling out of bed to assess the damage … [Read more...]

Someone’s Missing

A couple weeks ago on a Thursday night at 10pm (because that's when all the good ideas surface, right?!), I decided it was time to make a family portrait appointment. It had been 2 years. I messaged a local photographer, and she replied right away that she could do it Sunday. Awesome! Three days of digging through closets, shopping, coordinating outfits, curling hair, and … [Read more...]