Mama, it’s okay to take care of yourself

[pinit count="horizontal"] When you're living in survival mode, and heck, let's face it, When You're A Mom, it's tempting to put self-care aside "for the good of the family." And heck, who has the time, anyway?! Well, Mama, it's okay to take care of yourself! It's necessary, and it IS for the good of the family! When I feel human, I can better care for my humans. Imagine … [Read more...]

It’s Not Just a Game

There were many times over the summer that I had so much to say (usually while in the shower), and just not enough time to form the right words. The morning that I woke up early for what we knew would be our last baseball day of the summer, the words came spilling out on Facebook. It may give you a little peek into my tiny corner of the world, and the emotion behind what we … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Done Right

So Mother's Day ended up absolutely lovely around here, and in many unexpected ways. The 5:15 alarm was rather rough after a restless night with the baby. Four of us headed out the door to a baseball tournament 15 minutes late at 7:00 to drive an hour and a half in the fog and rain, only to turn around and come home when the tournament was canceled 15 minutes after we … [Read more...]

Imagination Overwhelm

I realize this will sound ridiculous to many of you, but one of my stresses as a mom of many in our season of life is plain and simple logistics. (Truthfully, it's the thinking about ahead of time and getting myself in a tizzy, not the actual DOING THE JOB, which almost always turns out okay.) Getting from one place to another ON TIME, with everyone safe and accounted for, with … [Read more...]

Mom’s Texting

(Yes, I'm alive. Yes, my family is fine. Yes, I realize I didn't finish the 31 days challenge. Ah, life.) I don't know how to flesh this out in writing yet, because I don't want to come across as complaining. I'm not. And I certainly don't want to discourage anyone from having big families or from being involved in your school and community. But the truth? As awesome as … [Read more...]