Picture This

When you wonder where Amy's been hiding for 2 months, don't fret. I'm healthy. The family's healthy (and crazy). Life is good (and busy). If you think of me and wonder if I'm still celebrating the Finer Things, just picture this. That about sums it up! :) Busted. How are all of YOU?! I miss you! … [Read more...]

Excuses, Excuses…

I feel like I am forever finding excuses (good ones!) for not hopping in here to blog more often. Just in case you think I'm on vacation or something, here's today's excuse... Toilet Girl strikes again, 5 minutes before nap time. (She's okay. Maybe a bit traumatized from having a tree fall on top of her. 5yo brother got her out while I lifted the tree. The shattered … [Read more...]

A letter to the mama who is freaking out that she isn’t doing enough.

[pinit count="horizontal"] Have you heard the exciting news? My friend Crystal, the Money Saving Mom, just released a new book, Money Making Mom. Crystal is a long-time (in internet years) friend. We met on Twitter, oh, 7ish years ago maybe? She wore 3-week-old Silas in a sling at our tiny town park on her first visit. He's six now. We've shared meals and our … [Read more...]

In the Toilet

Ever feel like life's in the toilet? Well, I've got nothing encouraging for you tonight. Sorry. Just this. Twelve+ years of parenting. Six children. Several flushed toothbrushes. Countless toilet-water-dipped hands. But this was a first. 4yo yelled upstairs, "Hey mom! J needs you! She's playing in the toilet!" Not exactly the hands in the toilet that I had … [Read more...]

Nap Time

Nearly every afternoon and most evenings, when it's time for a nap or bedtime, she asks, "Mom, can you sleep wif me just a wittle bit?" Many times I don't. I can't. I have other children who need my attention.  A kitchen that needs cleaned. Supper that needs cooked. A precious 30 minutes of uninterrupted time that I can kind of sort of count on to get some writing or oils … [Read more...]