The Light at the End of this Tunnel That I Love.

[pinit count="horizontal"] I can see it now. Sometimes it's dull (like when they pitter patter at 3am, and I stumble out bleary eyed to tuck them in again), and other times it flashes just so (like when she teases me with her 2yo giggle at her brother's ball game, arms wrapped around my neck, "Mommy, I need you," then gallops away to play with friends), signaling a reminder. … [Read more...]

Imagination Overwhelm

I realize this will sound ridiculous to many of you, but one of my stresses as a mom of many in our season of life is plain and simple logistics. (Truthfully, it's the thinking about ahead of time and getting myself in a tizzy, not the actual DOING THE JOB, which almost always turns out okay.) Getting from one place to another ON TIME, with everyone safe and accounted for, with … [Read more...]