The Beautician and The Pixie

Two weeks ago I took this photo at a ballgame. It's SO MUCH FUN for me to have two girlies back to back (for the first time ever!) who aren't old enough to hate that mom dresses them the same. "We're Twinsies!" Note the pigtails on the little one. Take a good, long look. This is the next picture on my phone of my girl, exactly one week later. (Ok, fine. Probably not the … [Read more...]

My Be Beautiful

This one's for all the Mamas raising little girls who are already so beautiful they could make you weep. Sweet girl, you're already beautiful. And silly. And you make me giggle. (And so does your tattling big sister, your partner in crime, in the background.) I can't believe we could have missed this! … [Read more...]

Get you Pillow. Get you Pig.

It's just us in the afternoons now. First time in 11 years that I get to hang out with an "only" on a regular basis. First time in six years that I've had a two year old running around without a baby strapped to me. (Our two middles are three years apart. Remember us praying for him?!) There have been a lot of firsts this year, and I find myself changed. Less rushed. Less … [Read more...]

Home is Where My People Are

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook  you may have seen that I went out of town without my family last week for the first time in six years. (As I was prepping for the trip, printing out a 3-page itinerary for my people - all the logistics! - I was reminded why it's been 6 years.) I have a lot to share about my 4-day 3-nights trip to Salt Lake City. It was AMAZING in … [Read more...]

The Light at the End of this Tunnel That I Love.

[pinit count="horizontal"] I can see it now. Sometimes it's dull (like when they pitter patter at 3am, and I stumble out bleary eyed to tuck them in again), and other times it flashes just so (like when she teases me with her 2yo giggle at her brother's ball game, arms wrapped around my neck, "Mommy, I need you," then gallops away to play with friends), signaling a reminder. … [Read more...]