A letter to the mama who is freaking out that she isn’t doing enough.

[pinit count="horizontal"] Have you heard the exciting news? My friend Crystal, the Money Saving Mom, just released a new book, Money Making Mom. Crystal is a long-time (in internet years) friend. We met on Twitter, oh, 7ish years ago maybe? She wore 3-week-old Silas in a sling at our tiny town park on her first visit. He's six now. We've shared meals and our … [Read more...]

One Mama’s Heart

If you're a long-time reader here (thank you!), then you know how I feel about Mom staying home whenever possible.  I so appreciate this post from Tara, exposing her heart and sharing her perspective on coming home. ******* I didn't plan on getting married. I didn't plan on having children. After meeting my husband and realizing that he was The One, I soon came … [Read more...]

Planning to Stay Home with Baby

I've heard this one a lot.  It goes right along with "You're so lucky to be at home" and "There's no way we could afford for me to stay home with my children." Why didn't anyone tell me I'd want to stay home with my baby? I know that in this day and age, it seems quite impossible for mom to stay home.  In fact, many couples never think twice about mom quitting her job, … [Read more...]

Mommy, Come Home: Your Turn (with a Giveaway)

Gracious.  Encouraging.  Enthusiastic.  That's you! Thank you, thank you for riding along the Mommy, Come Home journey with me!  I started this series in June, after much prayer and counsel from friends.  It was with trepidation that I wrote the first post, carefully choosing my words so that no mom would feel bad about doing what's best for her family. Your response has … [Read more...]

Mommy, Come Home: What do You Say?

You can read the rest of the Mommy, Come Home series here. If you haven't seen the look or received the (sometimes) well-intended comments, you will.  "You're so lucky to be at home."  "It must be nice." How do you respond? Me?  Sometimes I really want to launch into a litany of all the material things we've sacrificed to keep me at home.  Let the questioner know … [Read more...]