Honoring Daddy with the Gift of You

When I asked him what he wanted for Father's Day, my husband wanted time with me. As I work hard to prepare his favorite foods, I need to keep in mind that he'd almost always prefer a quick sandwich and extra minutes with me. Readying our home for his return each day is as easy as making sure I'm dressed with a smile. According to my man, the only detail that matters … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget to Date Your Husband

I already told you earlier this week that spending time together is what matters most to my husband.  We don't need to go out, it doesn't need to be fancy, and really... it doesn't even have to be a date.  Frugal date nights at home suit us just fine in this season.  (Can I tell you, though, that I'm excited for the day that we can take ballroom dancing lessons?  Yes, … [Read more...]

Frugal Date Nights at Home

  Our rarity: This.  It's fun, for me, and we do it once a year. (And it's free.  Bonus!) Our reality: Four children eight and under, a busy schedule, and a tight budget.  That's us, and those are the makings of some frugal, creative date nights at home!  The truth?  We generally prefer it that way. The benefit of date night is uninterrupted time together, … [Read more...]

A Welcoming Home Honors Daddy

This week in the Honoring Daddy series, we offered up ways to welcome Daddy home.  Just like every home is unique, every man's expectations are likely different. My own house becomes a welcoming haven if we the people are pleasant when my husband walks through the door.  Smiling and having fun? Bonus!  It seems he's not alone with his simple requests: From Mr. Feels … [Read more...]

Back Away from Daddy’s Chair

Naw. It's nothing like that, really.  My husband does have a favorite chair, but what makes our home inviting to him has little to do with the arrangement of our furniture and much more to do with the heart. To honor the man they call daddy at our house, very little is needed to set the stage. 1.  Slap on a smile. It's no fun for my husband to walk through the door … [Read more...]