In a Rut? Spice It Up.

His alarm goes off, I roll over. He gets in the shower. I get breakfast. He wakes the kids. I get them ready for school. He leaves for work. The kids come home. He comes home.  We go to a ballgame, or we don't.  Suppertime.  Bath time.  He prays with the kids.  We tuck them in.  I work at the computer.  He watches tv or plays a wii game.  I take a bath.  We go to bed. The … [Read more...]

Your Marriage is Worth It {Finer Things Friday}

I've often said that two of the greatest gifts we give our children are their siblings and our own strong marriage.  I believe it, I mean it, and I try to live it. We've been married long enough now (13 years) to see the ugly divorce statistics catching up with some of our friends and acquaintances.  Many of you are fighting for your marriage right now, and some of you are … [Read more...]

To my grandparents on their 65th wedding anniversary.

You know that anniversary dance they do at weddings?  The one where all married couples pack the dance floor two by two, then they're asked to sit depending on how many years they've been married.  "If you've been married five years or less, you may have a seat.  Ten years.  Twenty.  Twenty five."  And so on. Our family always wins that dance.  No, it's not a competition, … [Read more...]

Union 28 Giveaways

Increase your chances of winning a $25 gift certificate to Union 28.  Enter at each participating blog!  Thanks so much for joining us for the Honoring Daddy series! Finer Things (just in case you missed it) - ends Monday, June 20 Life as Mom - ends Wednesday, June 22 Motherhood Your Way - ends Wednesday, June 22 Parenting Miracles - ends Thursday, June 23 … [Read more...]

My Husband Rocks

This might just be my favorite t-shirt.  I think it's my husband's favorite, too.  ;) For the last several weeks, we've explored lots of different ways to Honor the Man They Call Daddy.  Most recently, the acknowledgement that the gift is you! If we're to give our husband our best, Mandi says we need to recognize that Marriage is like Thanksgiving Dinner.  Such a … [Read more...]