Swagbucks: Give it a Try!

Google much?  Yeah, me too!  What did we ever do without the internet anyway?  If you haven't yet heard of Swagbucks, give it a try.  It's a search engine, like Google, but you earn points for every search, which turn in to gift cards for quite a variety of much coveted items! If I'm searching anyway, I may as well be getting something for it, right?  I'd be honored and … [Read more...]

Get Thee to Dillons!

Dillons (Kroger affiliate) is having a huge sale this week.  You buy 10 specially priced, qualifying items and you receive $5.00 off of your total.  You can do three of these deals, or 30 items, in one transaction.  There are other bloggers much more adept at listing the deals (and coupon links!), but allow me to show you what I snagged in a super-sonic, … [Read more...]