Give the Gift of Better Sleep!

A lot of times we don't realize how poorly we sleep on an old mattress until we have a new mattress. Actually I have the new mattress and I still don't sleep all that well, but I'm blaming that on a few little people. ;) My Serta is great. (Miss 1 thinks so, too. We're trying a little sleep boot camp this week to convince her that her crib is as comfy as my Serta. She's not … [Read more...]

Life Lessons from a Faded Purple Tricycle

"Let's go, Mom! Yeeee-hawww!" He zips down the driveway, daring me to keep up. A welcome hand-me-down 10 years ago, even then it was faded and well-loved. Girl, boy, girl, boy. They've all sped around on the faded purple tricycle, grinning ear to ear. Sure, we've been tempted to replace it over the years, especially while trailing behind our boys pedaling purple and pink. I'm … [Read more...]

{Easy & Effective} Fruit Fly Trap

I've seen all sorts of contraptions with paper cones and tape, but sometimes simple is just as effective. When the fruit flies are swarming, this is all you need to drown them to their demise. Apple Cider Vinegar + Dish Soap = Frugal Fruit Fly Trap [pinit count="horizontal"] [print_recipe] Fruit Fly Trap ¼ cup apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon dish soap Mix in a … [Read more...]

It’s Not a Bargain if You Don’t Need It

Delighting in the Frugal Find is a wonderful thing.  Going over budget on a bunch of unneeded stuff, bargain or not, may very well net you a cluttered home, an empty bank account, and less time for the things that matter. [pinit count="horizontal"] I love a good bargain. When I enter a store, any store, I delight in discovering All Things CLEARANCE. When we lived in … [Read more...]

Happy With What We Don’t Have {from the Archives}

Talk about a blast from the past! This was the absolute very first post I ever wrote, and it was written as a guest post! Happy to Be at Home is no longer, but that was one of the first blogs I read. Those ladies encouraged me to write my story, which is how the following post and this blog came about. I was so very tempted to edit the heck outta this thing when Joy found … [Read more...]