Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Oh my goodness, why didn't I think to take a picture of my dad when he walked in my house today with two shopping bags full of five bunches of red-taped bananas?! This old shot will have to do. (Yes, I know there are only 4 bunches shown.  Trust me on this one.  He brought 5.) My dad is my hero for many reasons, but this was just too much. He was coming for the … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Baby Wipes

While waiting on more discount codes, we ran out of baby wipes today.  Hopping in the van to get more simply isn't an option when you live 16 miles from the nearest store and gas is hovering around $3.50/gallon.  It's time for Make Do or Do Without. Doing without baby wipes isn't exactly an option, so I made my own! 1.  Cut a roll of paper towels in half. … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

Confession.  I buy cheap vanilla. You know, the 99¢ imitation bottle?  Yeah.  Not cool, or so I've heard.  I simply haven't been able to talk myself into shelling out the cash for the real stuff.  There can't be that much difference, right? Okay, so I know there's a big difference, and considering I likely pour in 3 times the amount of vanilla I should (who needs a measuring … [Read more...]

Buying Coupons

See the coupons in the photo down there?  I ordered them.  Yes, with money. It sounds a bit counter-productive, spending money on coupons in order to save money.  Purchasing coupons, though, when done strategically, can be a way to boost your stockpile at rock bottom prices, keeping your overall grocery budget lower. My sole reason to purchase coupons is that I am unable … [Read more...]

Act Your Age Cupcakes

No time or money for a fancy, professional birthday cake?  No worries.  Fancy cakes may impress, but so do easy, frugal cupcakes!  Kids are hooked on these sweet, easy-to-grab treats, and anything with sprinkles makes the world go round, so why not?! Using my chocolate sheet cake recipe, I fashioned these homemade cupcakes into my birthday girl's new age.  Slapped some … [Read more...]