Let’s State the Obvious: {MSM Book Club}

I suppose I knew before I even opened The Money Saving Mom's Budget that one of her tips would likely be to budget.  I'm a master of the obvious like that.  Here's the thing.  Our budget has always consisted of automatic savings taken straight from the paycheck, giving monthly according to our income, paying the bills, buying what we need, and checking to make sure our miserly … [Read more...]

Big Goals and Baby Steps {MSM Book Club}

"Where do we want to be financially five years from now?"  That is the question.  In Chapter 1 of The Money Saving Mom's Budget Crystal gets down to business and challenges us all to set big goals, and then shares the "whys" and motivation for getting the job done. Following the step-by-step process outlined in the book, my husband and I sat down last night for our very … [Read more...]

The Money Saving Mom’s Budget Book Club {and a Giveaway}

The first two chapters of The Money Saving Mom's Budget by Crystal Paine, which will be released January 10, aren't about working a budget or clipping coupons.  At first glance they aren't even about saving money.  {gasp}  Chapter 1:  goal setting.  Chapter 2:  cutting life's chaos and clutter.  Really?  This is a book that's going to help "Slash Your Spending, Pay Down Your … [Read more...]

Grocery University Cyber Monday Sale

Let the Cyber Monday fun begin! :) (Regular blogging will return soon, I promise!) I get emails every once in a while asking for shopping secrets and ways to save money grocery shopping.  Here's your answer, especially at this price!  Grocery University is a 2 hour, 19 minute audio course that will teach you everything you need to know about making the most of your grocery … [Read more...]

Substitute for a Double Boiler

I try to be a make do or do without kind of girl, instead of running out and spending money I don't have on gadgets I don't need very often.  One of those gadgets is a double boiler.  I don't have one, and I usually make do by using the microwave or just skipping over "those recipes." When it was time to make a batch of hard lotion, though, I really did need a double … [Read more...]