You Choose when you Refuse

Sometimes debt can't be helped.  Medical emergencies, the loss of a job, natural disasters, poor choices ;) .  It happens.  Climbing out of debt?  That can happen, too. It's not always fun, and you likely won't see success overnight.  However, with perseverance and creativity, you absolutely can choose to work your way to the black. I'm fully convinced that we all make … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Save Money

Clipping coupons is great, but not if you spend 2 hours clipping and sorting to save $5 on items your family doesn't like to eat. Purchasing that cute shirt at a discount seems rational, until you get it home and realize it doesn't fit... and then you never bother to return it. Dining out with a free meal deal is fabulous, unless you have to spend outside your budget for … [Read more...]