From Plastic to Cash

Ok.  I'm going to try it.  With great trepidation.  On my terms.  Does that still count? In chapter 4 of The Money Saving Mom's Budget, Crystal encourages us all to ditch the plastic for three months.  Well, there's no time like the present, and considering our fifth baby is set to arrive in August, I'd say May, June, and July are it!  We'll see if I'm converted after … [Read more...]

Plastic Excuses (Chapter 4 ~ The Money Saving Mom’s Budget)

Did I really commit to trying all the challenges in the The Money Saving Mom's Budget?  I'd like to walk away now, if no one minds. In Chapter 4, Crystal challenges us all to temporarily ditch the plastic.  No credit cards.  No debit cards.  Now, some of you who are used to the cash only system may be raising your eyebrow thinking "What's the big deal?!"  (And I do hope … [Read more...]

When Life Gets in the Way

Anyone else out there find that one day turns into another turns into a week and then a month before you stop and say "Hey!  Wait!  I was gonna... (clean out my closet, start a cash budget, write to my sponsored child)"  It's not just me, is it? One quarter of the year 2012 is gone.  Vanished.  Poof. Are you working on your goals?  Spring cleaning your home?  Getting … [Read more...]

Let’s State the Obvious: {MSM Book Club}

I suppose I knew before I even opened The Money Saving Mom's Budget that one of her tips would likely be to budget.  I'm a master of the obvious like that.  Here's the thing.  Our budget has always consisted of automatic savings taken straight from the paycheck, giving monthly according to our income, paying the bills, buying what we need, and checking to make sure our miserly … [Read more...]

Create a No-Fail Environment for Frugal Living

The following is a guest post by Bobbie Bushman, author of Budgeting with the Bushmans.  Bobbie’s family of four lives ultra-frugally and debt free on one part-time income.  photo source Many people make goals and then do things to sabotage themselves. Frugal living goals are not exempt from this phenomenon. If you and your family are trying to cut back, make sure … [Read more...]