Why Pay Cash?

Recently, we purchased a new-to-us suburban.  With cash.  It's almost un-American, I know, to not take out a loan for such a buy.  (And seriously, don't get too excited.  It's a 2005.) Truthfully, our last vehicle purchase was in 2003 and we took out a loan then (and paid it off in less than a year) because we 1) didn't know any better, 2) needed a vehicle, and 3) didn't … [Read more...]

Texas? Really?

I didn't intend to take a week's blogging vacation.  Whoops!  No, I haven't had the baby.  Yes, everyone's fine.  Yes, life is full and there are stories to share.  Let's start here. ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Last weekend we bought a new-to-us vehicle for the first time in nine+ years.    There is much to tell, if for no other reason than that we would remember and can remind our … [Read more...]

Cash Observations After One Month

We did it!  One month down, two to go in The Money Saving Mom's Budget three-month cash challenge commitment.  I'm not ready to cut up the plastic, yet, but things are going well!  Here's what the challenge has looked like for us. Credit Card Statement Before taking on the challenge, we had previously used our credit card for nearly all purchases.  (Note to the haters:  do … [Read more...]

Do You Coupon? {Chapter 5, Money Saving Mom’s Budget}

I started couponing about 17 years ago.  Yes, I'm old.  I'm also one to delight in "buying" stuff for free or pennies, and it thrilled me to no end to brag up my haul to my college roommates.  That, of course, was in the days when we all lived off of boxed cereal, boxed macaroni, and boxed Hamburger Helper. Gag. Once newly married and living in a smaller town, my husband … [Read more...]

Cash in My Wallet

We're doing this cash thing!  As the debate rages on between the benefits of paying with cash, debit, or credit (responsibly!), we've decided to (mostly) go where we've never gone before... green.  Having no debt to begin with, I'm rather certain we don't have a spending or self-control problem that using cash is going to fix, but with one week of a three-month experiment … [Read more...]