Catchin’ Up and Checkin’ In

If I could put down the tissue long enough to type a coherent blog post, I’d sure do it, but… achooooo! Crazy allergies hit me like a mack truck after a long, fun weekend!

Twenty-four weeks and counting!

On Saturday, Crystal and I co-hosted the Wichita-area (in)RL meetup.  What a great time we had!  More about the meeting later, but if you missed out this year, keep your eyes and ears open for next years’ gatherings.

Afterward, my 8yo (oooh, I can only say that for another 5 days!) and I (brought her along for some “big girl time”) hit a fancy-schmancy grocery store and then headed home for a benefit dinner.  It worked great that supper was served since we had been gone all day, and we were happy to support this particular college student and her summer mission trip plans.

Why yes, I did swipe my card at the store, and laughed while I did it.  No more swiping for 3 whole months! 

We left at 8:30 on Sunday for my godson’s First Communion, and spent the day enjoying family.  The forecasted high of 63° was a farce, and the kids ended up enjoying a makeshift water slide at my brothers’ place.  Wheeeeeeee!

Intending to be home by 5, instead we took a little detour to see my brother-in-law’s new place (that they moved to in September and we still hadn’t seen…) and got home at 9.  Yes, we “surprised” them right before supper.  Oops!  (Worked out well for us, though!  😉  )  Late night.  Long weekend.  Tired kids Mommy. 

And right about then the Mack Truck arrived.  I’ve been hitting the vitamin c, Lysine, apple cider vinegar, hot tea, and neti pot, and gone through a box of tissues.  This too shall pass.  (And oh, it could be worse!)

Last night we attended the athletic banquet dinner.  If you’re keeping track, yes that does happen to be three suppers in a row (and two lunches!) that someone else fixed for us.  (I did take a ham, lemon bars, and angel food cookies.)  The benefits of busyness!  Since the little guy was walking around the gym, pointing to each basketball goal, yelling “Shooooot!” while the coaches were speaking, he and I jetted outta there early, leaving the others.

Right after I put him to bed, though, the tornado sirens blared, so we headed to the basement.  The rest of my family gratefully ran in out of the rain and wind to join us in the cave as we waited out the unexpected storm.  While hunkered under the stairs, our 4yo shared that she “hopes the tornado doesn’t get our vegetables in our garden.” Oh, to have the cares of a 4yo!

The veggies are safe, and so are we.  Crazy spring weather!

When I can put down the tissues long enough, I have a new series to start!  Ready or Not, Here Comes Baby!  It’ll be a condensed version of the Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me? series, ending right around my mid-August due date, with a few new topics thrown in for good measure.

I also plan to update you on my cash only challenge, review Chapter 5 of  The Money Saving Mom’s Budget, share our (in)RL recap, and fill you in on my “get it together before this baby gets here!” schedule.

Hmmm, what else?  A-a-a-choo!  I think I’ll sleep on it.

What’s going on in your world?  Anything you’d like to make sure I cover in the Ready or Not series? 




  1. Excited about reading through this new series! And, curious, are you thinking girl for baby #5 since the baby on the header is wearing pink? Y’all do have that nice girl-boy pattern going! 🙂

    An idea for the series is baby clothes sizes! When I had my first baby, I naively thought that babies wore 0-3 clothes at that age, 6-9 at that age, etc.! It took a few months to really realize that it did not matter one bit what the tag said. {Now, my 4-month-old is wearing some 0-3 items, mostly 3-6 and even some 9-12…sizes vary so much!} I know I’m not alone in this as far as first time mamas go…I’ve had so many friends mention this!

    And, maybe a post on the fact that even if massive to do list doesn’t get done {and every pregnant mama has one!}, that it really doesn’t matter…baby just wants mama, milk, dry diapers and clothes. I know with both of my pregnancies I never felt ready but the reality was I had the basics so I truly was ready.

    • Baby sizes are so funny. Why put ages anyway, just put pounds and inches, it would be easier.

      Both my boys were quite large at birth and grew really fast so newborn size clothes never fit them and 0-3 clothes fit for 0-3 weeks, instead of months. It will be interesting to see if this next baby follows suit.

      On the other hand I have had two friends who had full term babies who were just on the low end of the normal weight and they were swimming in newborn clothes. My friends had to pick up a few preemie outfits for them and I think one even used some doll clothes her mother had sewn.

      What a difference in normal full term baby sizes!

    • Ha! No, that’s just one of the better newborn photos I had, so we made it work. But yes, the girl/boy pattern has entered my mind!

      I would love for you to tackle the baby clothing issue in Intentionally Simple fashion. 😉 Just sometime in the next month or two. Will that work?

      • Amy,

        I’d be more than happy to write about the baby clothing!! It’s on my to-do list, hopefully I’ll have it to you fairly soon.

  2. wow! the (in)RL looks amazing. i will have to try to attend an event. my allergies have been out of control too! hope you are finding some rest and relief from the sneezing this week.

    • I feel a ton better today! Yes, (in)RL was a brilliant idea. I’m looking forward to next year’s event. 🙂

  3. We moved last year 1,500 miles away in part due to my allergies. Guess what? They are actually worse where we are now and are year around because our climate is so mild. Sigh. Boxes of kleenex are my BF.

    • Oh no! I think our spring/summer may be really different this year, too, because we certainly didn’t have much of a winter!

  4. Ohhhh! I am PSYCHED about that series! 🙂 I am going through pregnancy with you…about two weeks behind, so I’ll read anything you put out!

  5. We’ve been hit by spring colds here… ended up missing the last MOPS meeting of the year, a special tea testimony. Bummer to missing the spring fun! Oh well, we are on the mend and hope to see lots of friends this weekend.

    Maybe a guest post about preparing for a baby via an adoption? We are nearly finished with our homestudy and will be in the “waiting” stage. I’ve been pondering how best to prepare our family. Obviously the basics are the same but as there is an unknown timeline — could be 6 months or 2 years.

  6. BABIES!! Yay! And toddlers! Yay!

    How about hearing about a baby and a toddler needing a home, cleaning frantically, doing laundry frantically, and receiving that child into your home 24 hours later?

    Yes, this just happened to me. Only it’s a toddler AND a baby, ages 2 years, and 8 months. (The first time we only had a few hours to prepare.)

    Nine months sounds like a looooong time to get ready for a baby. AND you know it will probably be somewhere between the 5-10 pound range, instead of the 5-30 pound range. Makes a big difference when shopping for clothes, diapers, car seats, and beds.

  7. Ruth Hanson says:

    Soooooo excited for the baby series! I am about a week behind you with my due date for our fourth. I always get the “fidgeties” during my third trimester so this will be a fun series to read to get through those days.

  8. So sorry about the allergies! Mine were terrible while I was pregnant (despite taking allergy injections). On the natural remedy side, if you suffer from sinus pressure, I had a chiropractor that would do facial massage to relieve pressure. Also, antihistamines really are quite safe if a pregnant woman really needs them to function/take care of kiddos/get through the work day.

    I hope you find some relief!

    • I should add that the DAY I gave birth my allergies got a hundred times better, so hopefully that is encouraging :).

    • So… later in the week I noticed my “allergies” moving from my sinuses, to my throat, to my chest, and now it’s gone. It was a cold! Ha! I feel fine now. 😉

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