Caring for Baby Keepsakes

Ever practical and a little sentimental, I called my mom when we were planning our newest baby’s baptism, to see if I could borrow the gown again.

I see little need to spend money on a new outfit that will be worn for 30 minutes and pooped in 😉 , and there’s something special about wearing an heirloom item, so all five of my babies have worn baptismal outfits that were originally worn by me, my sister, or one of my brothers. The dress may as well tell a story, right?

This particular gown was my sister’s. Mom brought it to me in its original box, and after the service, when I asked if I could keep it a few more days so we could have a little photo shoot, mom insisted, “Yes, but don’t wash it. I’ll take care of it.”

Hmmm, was that her way of making sure her daughter wasn’t overworked three weeks postpartum, or did she remember the black cardigan sweater set that I accidentally ran through the regular laundry years ago, including the hot dryer setting? Oops!

My mom’s not one to hold on to a lot of material things, but cherished keepsakes are well cared for. I’m guessing the baptismal gown was gently washed in Dreft, laid out carefully to air dry, and folded meticulously back into the original box. Perhaps my own children will use it for my grandchildren someday?

Whether you’re a first timer or the greatest, grandest mother of them all, there’s one thing moms have agreed on for over 75 years- Dreft makes your little one’s fabric feel as clean and soft as can be.

I’d love to hear about your baby keepsake outfits. Do you keep just a few or have a hard time letting go of the little clothes? (And if anyone wants to share their laundry mishaps to make me feel better… I’d let you!)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dreft. As a part of this program I received the product, the opinions and text are all mine.