Capturing Memories from Bump to Baby Giveaway

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My friend Connie had me simultaneously giggling and cringing this morning.

I was a Creative Memories Consultant when our first baby was born. (Oh, the irony.) She has 3 full-size (12×12) baby books, complete with brightly colored calender pages noting important milestones (first time mama made her bleed while trimming fingernails, the day we snipped the end of the pacifier after she yelled for it in church at 19 months…) and coordinating stickers. I dutifully took at least one “baby bump” photo per month with her, recording the exact weeks (and likely days. If only I knew where we put those books during the basement project!)

Baby two has one full album, still with calender pages. Whoop!

Baby three has 5 completed scrapbook pages that we wrapped up for her third Christmas, because she was asking.

Baby four received a Shutterfly album summarizing his first year, when he turned two.

Babies five and six share their lives on my phone. Example:

(My Creative Memories scrapbooking supplies, you ask? Currently tripping over containers of them in my bedroom. Wish I was kidding.)

If you were looking for advice on HOW to capture memories and make them last a lifetime while raising a large, busy family, you can go ahead and click away (clearly!), but if you want a chance at a fun Strong Moms Giveaway giveaway, keep reading!

Make your Memories last a lifetime with the “Capturing Memories from Bump to Baby Giveaway.”

You could win the GRAND PRIZE Gift pack worth over $15,000. Plus play the instant win game for a chance to win one of our instant win prizes each day*.


Grand Prize includes:

  • 3 Professional Photo Shoots
  • Canon® EOS Camera and Lens Kit
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  • A 13-inch MacBook
  • Adobe Photoshop® Elements 12 and Adobe Premiere® Elements 12
  • Beginnings Baby Record Book
  • $500 Shutterfly® Gift Card
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  • A What to Expect When You’re Expecting® Book Set

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  • Similac® Prenatal Vitamins
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  • Beginnings Baby Record Book
  • Medela® Pump in Style Breast Pump
  • A What to Expect When You’re Expecting® Book Set

I would keel over if one of my readers won this awesome prize!

But, Amy. You’re a breastfeeding mom. Yes! You are correct! Not a drop of formula has touched any of my babies. And does that make me a better mom than a formula-feeding-for-whatever-reason mom? NO. It most certainly does not. (A diehard? Maybe. Determined to do what works best for my family? You bet’cha.) Also? This. Sisterhood. Now go win yourself some fun memory making stuff for your next baby!

Here are the rules

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  1. Stephanie S says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this great giveaway. I wouldn’t even know what I would do if I was lucky enough to win this. I too was a Creative Memories Consultant before I had my first and I scrap booked every single picture of her first year into volume 1 and volume 2. I even got her pictures professionally taken every month. The poor Sears ladies must have hated seeing me come in since I would only get my freebies or only the 8×10 I needed for my book. I was better the second year with only doing one book and only going for pictures every 3 months. Baby #2 has a book with only his quarterly professional pictures in it. Baby #3 no book, professional pictures every 6 months. Baby #4 I barely got his 6 month picture done and only did so since I had the other kids 6 month pics on the wall and didn’t want to leave him out. So funny how things change when the baby train keeps making stops at our house 🙂

  2. My third has very few actual photos, most are in my phone too. That’s too funny.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about getting into scrapbooking for the very first time. But I have to learn how to print off my phone photos. Lol. Amy, being a former photo booker, do you think this is worth my time and resources to pursue this? I also have a huge tub of photos in my basement that no one has looked at for years!

    • Well, when I did my scrapbooking, I tried to keep my books VERY basic and it still took me an hour to do 2-3 pages, PLUS time to get the supplies out and put them away. I would usually do scrapbook “marathons” where I could keep all the stuff out for a while to make it worth it. Just no possible way to be worth it for us now, BUT the digital books are easy, fun, and no mess, so I do need to carve out time for those. Maybe a family yearbook type thing.

  3. What?! No photographer fairy to take my photos and turn them into something?

  4. Oh my. I’m such a slacker. My son is an only child and has a baby book but no albums, calendars, etc. Fail!

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