Candy Bar Surprise Cookies

A few weeks ago Global Influence asked if I could come up with something fun to make with candy provided by Hershey’s. I obliged.

These Candy Bar Surprise Cookies are a fun way to use up some of the excess trick-or-treat chocolate brought home from neighbors and friends. Simply convert your favorite oatmeal chocolate chip recipe and include a variety of leftover chocolate goodies.  All the different textures and flavors make for a fun treat. Freeze the pre-baked, individual cookie dough balls for fresh-baked cookies any time you want one!

Candy Bar Surprise Cookies

candy bar cookies

So far I have a cat, a Chiefs football player, and a psycho doctor (because a regular doctor would be much too boring) gearing up to go out on the town. I think we’ll also go with Bob the Builder. Only one more costume to figure out, and I’ve got 10 days left! So very on top of my Halloween game this year that we even know what we can do with all that extra candy. 😉

Be sure to visit Celebrate with Hershey’s for Halloween costume ideas, crafts, and lots of recipes!


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  1. I love this idea! And we are making these cookies after Halloween this year.
    We are trick or treating with a monkey, mickey mouse, a green lego ninja and tinkerbell. That means lots and lots and lots of candy. Baking it in cookies sounds awesome!

  2. What a great idea to get rid of Halloween candy instead of eating myself until
    it is gone. I can bake it up in these cookies and send with my husband. This wold be great to get rid of Valentine candy to.


    • Yeah. I usually end up with 2 or so gallon freezer bags of chocolate. We chop it up and mix it in ice cream and then cookies and brownies. It’s usually not gone yet when the Valentine candy rolls in. Ha!

  3. HI Amy! What a great idea for using excess candy! Glad you shared this! Blessings from Bama!

  4. Now if only I could get my kids to get chocolate when trick or treating. Way too often people have an assortment and tell the kids to take whatever they want…and they always choose dum dums or that awful gum that is so hard to chew. So I end up throwing it away. Chocolate could be put to good use like this though!


  1. […] I searched Pinterest and found a great cookie recipe to use up some of the candy.  Check out The Candy Bar Surprise recipe.  Mmm!  It is so good.  Now, what to do with all these […]

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