Can We Have This Again? with Flatout Flatbread

One of the things I miss about living near the city is easy access to Walgreens. Before I had children, (you know… the days when I could run in and out of stores just to see if they had any fun clearance stuff or just to grab that week’s sale items?) it was one of my favorite stops.
flat out

Recently The Motherhood and Walgreens challenged me to come up with a couple of sandwiches using Flatout Hungry Girl Foldit Flatbread.  I decided Pizza Paninis sounded fun, so before the super bowl started I gathered all sorts of pizza toppings and surprised the family with a make your own pizza bar.

The kids kept it simple… and then each ate two!  It was nothing fancy, but when they are clamoring for more before I’ve even sat down with my own supper?  We have a winner, folks!

pizza panini

For my cold sandwich, I chose Flatout Multigrain Wrap.  This wrap is fantastic because it’s an oval shape, which holds the filling better, and it folds and rolls better than a tortilla.  I think Hungry Girl Flatbread would work great with this sandwich, too, but my kids used it all for even more pizzas before I had a chance to try!


The Flatout flatbread and wraps we tried were such a fun change from our usual.  You can find them at Walgreens, and next week I’ll have a nice gift card for one of you to do a little Walgreens shopping!

Do you have a favorite sandwich?  Is your family picky about their bread or would they go for something fun like the flatbread?


Disclosure:  The Motherhood and Walgreens compensated my time and shopping trip, but we made our own sandwiches. 😉

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