Calving Season

It’s calving season! My in-laws raise cattle, and we’re grateful to live close enough to help out some weekends.  On Sunday we made the 30 minute trek to see if there was work to tackle.  There is always work to do on the farm.

As far as kids are concerned, the farm ranks right up there with Disney.  (Well, my kids anyway.  Of course, they haven’t been introduced to Disney…)  Free to roam, play with all the animals, make forts out of trees, and roll in the dirt.  What’s not to love?

We all loaded up in Papa’s truck, snacks in hand (Grammy keeps a plentiful supply), to feed the cows and check for new babies.  Thirty-seven was the magic number that Grammy passed along.  If we couldn’t count 37 cows in that particular pasture, then one must be off having her baby.

I think this one wants to have her baby right now. You hang in there, mama.

Oh, look! Our “eagle-eye” daughter saw it first, but as we rolled along we came up close and personal with a mama and her very new baby (the morning rounds showed no sign of new life).  Mama hadn’t even cleaned herself yet.  Baby was raring to go, though.  He was romping around and wanted something to eat!

On this particular day, my husband got to work six new calves, trim fruit trees, haul limbs out to a wood pile, check cattle, and feed cattle.  The kids like to be right in the mix when it’s safe.  The farm somehow brings out the best in my kids.  They love to help their daddy and their farm lingo already surpasses mine.

Want to know a secret? I kind of like working on the farm, too.  😉   There’s something about physical labor on a gorgeous spring day, skipping any trace of make-up, wearing old jeans, and breathing in the fresh (um, outside of the pastures) air that just feels so… good. I strapped on a pair of gloves and tossed a few limbs on the back of the truck just for the fun of it!

All work and no play would be no fun at all! Papa’s new “toy” Kubota provided plenty of entertainment and transportation for the kids (and our nephew).

We’re grateful for the farm, for beautiful spring days, and for a job well done!

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  1. Super cute baby cow! That’s so nice that you can all go out and enjoy that as a family!

  2. Isn’t it a blessing to see those kids having fun “working”? I’m always amazed at how excited they are for things that we would consider “chores”… Odd, though, how it’s all in our perspective 😉 Chores are what you make them!

  3. My kids would LOVE the farm! Sounds like a fun tackle you could all do as a family.

  4. What fun! What a blessing to get to see what most people don’t get to. 😀

  5. That looks like fun. What a wonderful thing for them to experience. Cool cow photo.

  6. agreed — there’s something wonderful about being outdoors and working in God’s world!

  7. What an awesome tackle!! Such family fun:-)

  8. Looks like so much fun! We would love the opportunity to do that as a family! Enjoy!

  9. It sound Heavenly! I can’t wait for the snow to melt so I can get out and work outside. It’s warm enough today that we are going to venture out for a walk. I can’t wait!

  10. I know what you mean. My mother and father in-law have a farm and I love being able to take the kids out there. It is such a great change of pace for us city-folk. I usually have to drag my husband off the tractor!

  11. remember days like these when I was a kid growing up in rural Illinois

  12. How fun! Yes the farm brings out the best in us all, we love visiting my In-laws farm with the chickens and goats!!

  13. My three boys absolutely love their grandpa’s farm. They visited there last week for spring break and they came back exhausted! What great pictures!

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