Breakfast Like a King

A few weeks ago I went in for my 29-30 week glucose tolerance test.  Only, I spaced the whole thing off earlier that morning while stuffing myself full of pancakes topped with sliced bananas and maple syrup, and a side of scrambled eggs.   Whoops!

I told the office receptionist right away about my indulgent breakfast; she wasn’t sure what my doctor would have to say or if they could even still do the test that day.  Much to my surprise, my doctor just grinned and asked “Do you always eat breakfast like that?” Well, actually… (sheepishly)… Yes.  Yes, we do.  Especially in the summer.  His reply?  “Good for you!  We all should eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Supper Like a Pauper.”

He’s right, you know.  Yet another thing that modern society has backwards, and our health is suffering for it.  Our bodies need an energy boost in the morning, and we don’t need to be devouring apple crisp and homemade ice cream thirty minutes before bed.  But I don’t know any 32-weeks pregnant woman who would do that… (as I scrape the remains from my bowl.)  😉

Our family’s summer schedule lends itself to big, mid-morning breakfasts, another meal at mid-afternoon, and a small snack towards evening (many times after swimming).  Most days. We’ve stuck with some basics throughout the last couple of months, and I honestly kind of dread returning to our “regularly scheduled meal program” when school starts in September.  In the meantime, here’s what a typical week looks like.

Breakfast – (Why yes, we do go through several dozen eggs per week!)

Mid-afternoon Meal – served with fresh fruit and veggies (I don’t remember the last time I fixed a casserole of any kind!)

Evening Snack

  • smoothies of all kinds (I’ve totally and completely worn out my blender.  Need.  New.  Blender!)
  • leftovers
  • rare bowl of cereal
  • fresh fruit and veggies

Soon enough 1/3 of the family will be rushing out the door in the morning and our sit-down meal will be pushed back to evening.  For now, though, we’re enjoying our near-daily Breakfast Like a King.

As for my glucose-after-pancakes test?  The nurse called me, laughing, that afternoon.  “Eat as many pancakes as you want, Amy.  Your glucose is just fine.”  I was in the 70s, which means nothing to me, but that must be okay!

Anyone else out there enjoy Breakfast Like a King? (I know it’s difficult with most schedules…)

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  1. I was in antepartum for my preeclampsia, my mother in law brought me fudge from some fancy Seattle shop to cheer me up. I was in the hospital bed, bored, alone, slightly traumatized. So I ate about 5 pieces. Maybe an hour later in pops the nurse to announce I’m doing my glucose test. It was high. They put me on drugs and I had to test a million time a baby was born 2 days later at 29 weeks. My perinatologist told me it is irrelevant what you eat. You can eat a 5 pound bag of sugar before hand if your body is doing it’s job you will make the right amount of insulin and process it properly. Personally I find it hard to believe the fudge didn’t do me in, but this is what the doctor told me and I guess he’s supposed to know. So eat up!

  2. I’ve heard similar info to Heather- although the doctor told me as long as it’s fairly “typical” for you, your body should handle it fine. I’ve never worried about my sugar test- it always comes back of the low side. 🙂 Your summer menu sounds lovely to me! We eat much like that on the weekends but, alas, during the week hubby has to head off to work at 7 am and two of my three kids have summer classes to attend three days a week, so… doesn’t work so well. (Pssst- we go through tons of eggs too!!!)

  3. We go through about 2 dozen eggs a week too. My day goes so much better if I start it off with some protein.

    We recently tried your “fill the grill” technique. Why haven’t I done that before???? It was so nice for lunches the next few days 🙂

    Glad your glucose levels were fine!

  4. During my first pregnancy, I went to my Mom’s house before my glucose test. While I was there, she made pancakes for me, and I drank sweet tea with them! Needless to say, my sugar levels were really high, and because of that I actually had to go through the 4 hour glucose tolerance test (this was many, many years ago and I am sure they do things differently nowadays). I am glad your test came back fine.

    We also go through a lot of eggs around here, thankfully we have a friend that owns chickens so we get our eggs fresh and inexpensive.

  5. Yes, we try to do our small meal in the evening too, like your schedule.

  6. I LOVE this idea and it is SO true…load up in the morning and cut back in the evening! I am going to attempt to retrain my family to enjoy a heavier breakfast in the coming months! Thanks for the post~

  7. Looks like a yummy week!

  8. Oh, yum! We have been doing it a tad different this summer. Lately we’ve been eating dinner for lunch, so I don’t have to heat up the oven late in the day as it heats up the house too much and hard to cool down. 🙁 Ugh!

  9. ELizabeth says:

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who pigs out at breakfast. We have a family of 3 (only 1 3 year old) and now I’m expecting. I feel disgusting if I don’t have a huge breakfast. I’m weak and I feel like eating ALL day if I don’t stock up first thing in the morning. We go through several dozen eggs with just the 3 of us.

  10. This is a food cycle that I think I would gravitate toward if it wasn’t for work, family and all those other time constraints. I prefer larger breakfasts and late lunches with less in the evening.

    Are you sharing the smoothie recipes? I love them but never actually make any…


    • @Stacy @ Moderate Means, I should share our smoothies sometime, but I’ve NEVER actually written out or measured out a recipe. I just dump in fruit, milk, and sometimes yogurt. Our favorite, though, is bananas, peanut butter, chocolate, and milk.

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