Blueberries for Thanksgiving


Several years ago, before we had children, we headed to my in-laws for Lance’s extended family’s Thanksgiving meal.  It seemed quiet when we got there, and when we walked in the door we found his sister… flipping blueberry pancakes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I don’t remember what the miscommunication was and why we weren’t eating a traditional turkey dinner, but nobody went hungry and now we have a good story to tell.  We ate, played cards, and laughed the night away.

Your turkey may not be done on time.  The glass dish of green bean casserole may shatter on the way to the table.  The power may go out.  Dinner may quite possibly be ruined, but the day doesn’t have to be. 

In the midst of last minute dinner preparations, I have a kitchen tip to share.  Wherever and whatever you are eating this Thanksgiving, whether it be prime rib at a 5 star restaurant, turkey at grandma’s, or pb&j with the kids on the living room floor:  It’s not about the food. 

Put a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart.  Enjoy your meal, and just go with it, whatever it is.  Food tastes better that way!

Happy Thanksgiving!  {Please pass the blueberries.}

*** Welcome to my home, Kitchen Tip Tuesday readers!  Please excuse the mess… I’m fighting a cold. Feel free to sare your kitchen tips, philosophical or otherwise, in the Mr. Linky below.***

photo by Jennifer C.

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  1. Thanks for hosting! It’s that time of year I like to get my pressure cooker out, so I’m sharing a post with some of my favorite online resources.

  2. Love. This. It is so true. One of the best Christmases we’ll ever spend was in a hospital. 🙂 (And personally? I’d take blueberry pancakes over turkey any day of the week!)

  3. We always remember the year my 4 year old nephew pulled the blueberry pie out from under the seat in the van and stepped right into the middle of it… minutes before they headed out to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner. We had blueberry mush with ice cream that year. It took a while, but by the end of the day my sister could laugh about it.

  4. I so agree that Thanksgiving is not about the food. The food helps though. Since getting married hubby and I haven’t been big on going to family get togethers. Our first several Thanksgivings were spent at a convenience store enjoying sandwiches, chips and a soda together. Something different and a splurge for us. Had to stop doing that once the boys got older, and I started cooking at home, starting a whole new tradition.

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