Blizzard Prayers

For two years now we’ve prayed for relief from the drought.  We’ve prayed for a real winter.  We’ve prayed for snow, rain, ice, any kind of moisture.  Every Sunday a prayer for rain is added to the intercessory prayers.

Last week Tuesday we were cheering on the home team at our last regular-season basketball game of the year.  When we got home I noticed that the forecast went from a 30% chance to an 80% chance of snow, and then a 100% chance for the next day.  After 10:00 that night, the “no school tomorrow” call came, with not a flake on the ground.  Yet. 

Dear God, let this be the real deal!

And now…

After seven days (yes, really!) of shoveling, sledding,


snowball fights, bloody noses from mis-thrown targets, building forts (inside and out),


snow ice cream, slipping and sliding,


and lots of screen time (just keepin’ it real),

everyone has gone back to school.

It’s hard to translate 25ish inches of snow into a rain equivalent.  Some of the snow was powdery, some was wet… who knows.  I’ve heard anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of wetness.  It is welcome!  The drought has not ended, and neither will our prayers, but one thing I do know…

When you pray for moisture, prepare for a blizzard!

God is good all the time!


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  1. All the time God is good! Praise the Lord for answered prayer!
    That snow looks like such fun!

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