Beverage Cool Down

Need a quick cool down for your summer beverages?

When we host a cookout, we usually serve drinks out of two or three large jugs.  One for water, one for tea, and sometimes one for lemonade.  Skipping the hassle (and cost) of dragging an extra cooler out for ice, I try to plan ahead and make ice chunks.

Great way to recycle all those plastic containers.

Fill empty sour cream/cottage cheese-type containers with water (or tea or lemonade) and freeze.  Once frozen, pop out the ice and store it in a clean plastic bag in the freezer.

Lemonade ice chunk.

When preparing for the event, simply pop a few ice chunks in the jug.  Ice chunks melt slower than small ice cubes, so drinks stay cold longer.  And… no need to provide extra ice for individual cups!

  • Make ice chunks from the beverage of choice, and your drinks won’t have that pesky watered-down flavor.
  • Use smaller containers (yogurt works well) to freeze ice chunks that fit nicely in water jugs for ball games and long days on the tractor.
  • Putting up some sweet corn this year? Use ice chunks to keep your water cold to stop the cooking process.  Much nicer than going through all of your ice cubes in an hour’s time!

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  1. What an absolutely fantastic idea ~ I love it, and will definitely be trying that this summer! We live in AZ, so we use lots of ice!! 🙂

  2. I really dig the idea of using them with sweet corn – we always run out of ice. It requires planning ahead, though . . . :>)

  3. Great tips!!

  4. That’s a really good idea!
    I just have to say, though, that when I first glimpsed the picture of the lemonade ice, it looked like a bre*st form (sorry, I thought it was funny 🙂 )

  5. What a simple, effective idea…I love it!

  6. Great idea! We are hopefully going to do some cookouts this summer, so this will be great!

  7. Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great idea! I freeze coffee into ice cubes to make iced mochas, but hadn’t thought about doing it with other drinks.

    My WFMW post today is all about how to make a diaper cake for a baby gift. It’s fun and easy! 🙂

  9. Nice idea for a hot summer day.

  10. Love it! Great idea. I am totally going to start doing this!

  11. Excellent tip!

  12. I love reading your tips, you always have such fabulous ideas!

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