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Better Late Than Never {A Fresh Start}

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A Fresh Start ~  from AmysFinerThings.com
This post should have gone up last night or this morning.  Whoops!  Better late than never, right?  I think so.  😉

Sometimes we don’t get things done when we should.  Thank you notes don’t get written.  Encouraging words don’t get relayed.  Miles don’t get run.  Apologies don’t get made.  Devotions don’t get read.

So something got in the way.  One minute turns into the next hour, which turns into a day and before we know it, a whole week is gone.  Sometimes the circumstances are out of our control, but other times, it’s all on me. 

It’s not too late.

Do it anyway.  Write the thank yous.  Share the encouragement.  Run the miles.  Deliver the apologies.  Read the devotions.  Set the budget.  Make the menu plan.

All is not lost if it wasn’t done “on time.”  Don’t let the veil of perfection keep you from marching toward productivity.  Keep on keeping on!

Better late than never!