The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Yesterday on Instagram, I asked “corners or middle pieces?” 

I think corners win (OF COURSE THE CORNERS WIN) but mostly, people wanted the recipe.

Here it is! Some bloggers take 50 stylized shots with perfect lighting and pretty plates. I set the pan of almost gone cookie bars (including the one with the bite in it, oops!) on the front porch and click the button from the auto setting on my phone. Done.





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  1. So good to hear from you. Was thinking about you just recently, so what a treat today and open the inbox. I’m a middle person, but usually eat corners and edges as my family is all middles too. Actually–if it has chocolate–any piece is good! This recipe is just a little different from the one I use, so definitely need a bake off to see which is better. I just might get a middle out of two pans. You are right about the need for a large pan, or two smaller ones. One other suggestion–put in only what fits the pan and freeze the remainder to hide away for those days when a little chocolate chip cookie dough is just what is needed. So far my kids haven’t figured that one out. Not sure how much longer I’ll get away with it but until then…

  2. Mine turned out way doughy. Is it supposed to be a softer cookie? I used parchment paper, maybe that affected it? Tasted great either way!

  3. Looking forward to try this recipe, looks so yummy! I’m sure everyone round here will fall in love with it (and yes, corners win!!)

  4. I am definitely trying this recipe out! Looks so delicious, thanks for the share! Keep up the posts:)

  5. Great recipe. These chocolate chip cookie bars are looking very tasty. Definitely going to try this recipe.

  6. My mouth is watering these look so good! Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Those sound a-mazing! Also, anything that calls for 1 lb of butter is bound to be delicious!! Now to make this lactose free….

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