Basement Updates

Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and encouragement for a project we’ve planned and saved for for years! Just in case you missed the excitement, we’re digging a basement! Well, a highly-qualified construction company loaded with quality employees is doing the digging. I’m just hanging out on the main floor, going about my day, listening and hanging on to my chair (I kid) as our home’s foundation is jack hammered and hauled away, temporarily replaced by poles.

Dirt Mountain

Sounds crazy, right? Only because it is!

For the curious, here’s a video of what our basement looked like right before they started tearing it apart. It’s an old, partial basement with very low ceilings. We used it for laundry, storage, and our extra fridge and deep freeze. The shelves by the fridge served as my pantry, and the room with torn up paneling was kind of a catch all room. It had paneled walls and carpet, and a cardboard ceiling. I kid not.

The action you see at the beginning of the video is the construction crew digging out our crawl space, which filled about half of our house.

I took this video just today. Same basement, but I’m standing at the top of the stairs at the beginning of this one and they’re a little further along in demolition. 😉 Yes. It’s loud. No, my children are not napping well this week. Yes, that is all wide open to the outdoors. It’s like we’re a beach house up on stilts! (Without the beach. Bummer.) Where the cement ends at the bottom of the steps is where my washer and dryer were.

Fun times! Notice the sewer pipe just hanging out in the open. We’re thankful they put that back together for us after digging out around it today. 🙂

Before tearing anything else out, they’re going to pour one of the new walls in. So exciting! That wall will help keep things stable when the rest is demolished. Our foreman is such a great teacher. We’ve learned so much this week!

Thanks for sharing our journey!


  1. I was hoping you would share details about how this is done! I am so glad for you guys that you are accomplishing a dream. Score another one for patience! Hope you will continue to share the progress!

  2. I watched your videos–oh my. I see now why you’ve been so eagerly anticipating a new basement! I think it’s a fascinating process and really neat that they can put basements under homes, while upstairs the owners go on with regular life.

    • Girl. Now you know why you weren’t “invited” into the basement! Your brother abandoned us for the week (I have no idea what his current responsibilities are) so there’s a new guy in charge, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not just a little nervous. 😉 Seriously thought the house was coming down today, but it’s still standing! We have two walls, and we get permanent support beams and hopefully footings for the other two walls tomorrow!

  3. Was wondering what the pics were about yesterday. Loved going back and reading all the comments. Having grown up in a family with 5 kids and 1 bathroom I am very excited for you. The memories being made (along with the house) are special. And the fondness at which you look back at what was and how you made it through will be special too. Looking forward to seeing finished house soon.

  4. I am so excited for you!! We are redoing a house now, and plan to move in January of next year (house was last updated in the 80’s and vacant since 2006, but were able to get quite a deal by paying cash). Very thankful to have another place to live while all the chaos is going on, but we are doing quite a bit ourselves so it seems to go on forever. How long will the construction take?.

    • Good for you doing it yourself. We don’t have it in us for that! The basement (unfinished!) should be done by Thanksgiving, and then we have a crew coming in to finish it “over the winter.” They said they’ll work on it when the weather’s bad, so I’m hoping for a cold, nasty December. Ha!

  5. I have never commented but enjoy reading your life adventures. Last year we picked up our 2 story, 1920 4 square home, tore out the old rock basement, and put in a new one. You will enjoy your new basement immensely. It has been a year of “mess” if you will and still in process but all worth it. Enjoy the journey!

  6. It amazes me that you are able to live in the house while they did out the basement! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us and teaching me something new. It is going to be so exciting to see how you decorate and hear how having more space changes things for your family!

    • Isn’t that crazy?! I’ll tell you that today was the first day in the whole process that I got a little nervous. The final wall downstairs went down (the wall between our old partial basement and the crawl space, and the whole house SHOOK, and my kitchen/dining room wall cracked. ACK! I gathered the children and we left for the day. 🙂 House was still standing when we got back, and the permanent support beams go in tomorrow. Phew!

  7. ooops! *dig* not did 😉

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