Baked Buffalo Chicken from Hellmann’s

Earlier this evening my husband was watching a commercial when he started laughing,  “Did you hear that?  We can eat out cheaper than we can eat at home!  For only $7.99 per person… I’m a little short on cash; maybe we should go out to eat?”  Uh-huh.  Sarcasm dripping off of my man tonight.  Unless I’m exchanging a gourmet, 5 course homecooked meal for a dollar menu special, I can almost always feed the family for less at home, and I’m sure you can, too!

One fun recipe to try is Mouthwatering Baked Buffalo Chicken.  It’s hard to beat fried chicken, at least when my mom makes it, but it you want a healthier, budget-friendly change up without losing any flavor, this is it!  My husband especially appreciated the cayenne pepper kick.  As a bonus, I had everything I needed on hand in the pantry and fridge.

Baked Buffalo Chicken is in good company with other delicious Hellmann’s recipes here. 

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Just for kicks (no judgement, I promise!) how often do you go out to eat?  Do you have favorite places or foods?  I’ll live vicariously… we eat out sometimes when we’re on the road, but living nearly 20 miles from a restaurant (fast food or otherwise) has been great motivation for “making do.”


This is a sponsored post.  Hellmann’s product and additional incentives were provided to me to tell you about the Chicken Change Up.  All opinions stated are my own.The recipe belongs to Hellmann’s.  I even borrowed their photo, because their chicken looks better than mine.  Mine tasted great, though!


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  1. We go out as a family once every couple months, I would guess? (Usually the Kids eat Free nights at Chili’s.) More often if we’re traveling. My husband and I DO get “inexpensive” take-out a couple times a month, though, for our “at-home date nights”, so that also counts toward the eating out budget, in my opinion. It’s worth it to me, as a treat, but I wouldn’t hesitate to cut it out if necessary– even $5 footlongs cost more than it costs me to cook at home.

    • See… it’s GOOD for me to not live anywhere near (hour) Chili’s and such. I’m the mom who schedules our “trips to the city” around which restaurants have “kids eat free” that day. 🙂

  2. We are empty nesters so we go out more often than when we had children at home. We go out about once a week, but it’s usually with a coupon or something as simple as a hot dog combo at Costco. 🙂

    • I can’t quite picture those empty nest days yet, but do think that dining out together would be a great way to connect!

  3. Supper plans have changed for tonight! Thanks for the great recipe. We do not eat out very often, we are feeding two teen age guys!

  4. I live in a tiny one stoplight town with little eating out choices. We probably eat out 2 X per month. We do eat pizza ( homemade or frozen) once a week. I work full time so I do a lot of crock pot and freezer cooking. I do know that since we have little options, our budget stays in check.

    • You have a stoplight in your town?! It must be BIG. 😉 (I kid. We do have a few stop *signs*, but no lights. LOL) I agree that living in a small town helps us keep eating out in check! I may be tempted to take an “easy out” otherwise.

  5. We include two eat outs a month in our budget. Our favorite place is Hoss’s! It helps that two of our three kids still eat free. It’s been an eye opener as we’ve had to start paying for them when we eat out (we don’t do fast food if we can help it).

  6. I saw a billboard like this in town when I was on my way to a speaking engagment, It said that you could eat out cheaper than making it at home–for $5.99 a person.

    I laughed.

    My family of 8 eats for $3 a day or less (3 meals plus a snack for 8 people = $3).

    I have never taken my family out to eat. We don’t buy fast food, either. If we want pizza or Chinese, we make it at home. Last night we had a caramelized onion/BBQ pizza that my husband made, and a pineapple pizza.

    Once or twice a year my parents give us a little money for our birthdays/anniversary (usually $30), and my husband and I go out to eat then. It’s a birthday/anniversary gift from them to us. They watch our children during that time as well. All of our dates for the year are at home after the children are in bed.

  7. We eat out maybe once or twice a month – not often. We like Friday’s.

  8. NewlyWed Wife says:

    That recipe looks yummy!

    We go out to eat about once a week and typically go to places where they serve things I’m not very good at making (asian food) or things I prefer not to make at home (seafood….don’t want the smell in my kitchen!) or just pure indulgence food (mexican!)

    • On the rare occasion that we make it out, we do the same… try to order something I wouldn’t make at home. However, I will say that list is growing smaller!

    • I have been craving Thai food this pregnancy. There are some really amazing Thai and other Asian blogs out there, and I have made some really delicious recipes lately. I would agree with Amy that that the list of things I don’t know how to make at home is certainly growing smaller!

    • I agree- I also like to order sandwiches with “fancy” specialty ingrediates that I don’t keep on hand at home.

  9. We live within a few miles of many, many, many restaurants, but having small children is enough motivation to eat at home. Keeping a 1 year old entertained while waiting for food isn’t always fun. But I’ll be the first to admit we do go to Chick fil A a bit more than we probably should. My 3 and 5 year olds love the play area there, and we all love the food.

  10. Okay, I’ll just pipe up and say we eat out every Saturday after Mass. When I’m overwhelmed, sometimes we even eat out on a weeknight also or pick up Papa Murphy’s and bake it at home. It’s budgeted, and we usually eat something fairly cheap and yet relatively healthy. I think of where we live as really small, because it is compared to other places I have lived, but I couldn’t hazard a guess as to the number of stoplights we have so I guess it’s not THAT small. 🙂 I grew up in a town of around 800, so I do remember what that’s like and I’m sure it would encourage us to go out less. I work 30 hours a week (I telecommute while my kids are in school or sleeping, only a couple of hours a week when they are not, so I am fortunate in that), and sometimes I would rather just sit and be with my family rather than cooking and no-one wants to wait for me to cook something when we get home at 6:30 pm after Mass. What I can’t imagine is hitting some place like Red Robin every week. For our family of 4, that’s easily $50! But it all comes down to spending on what’s important to you and being mindful of that, in my opinion.

    • Not arguing any of those points one little bit. If it’s in the budget and it works for you, I say go for it! (I just have a hard time with the commercials trying to convince us it’s cheaper to eat out…)

      • Oh, and I didn’t think you were! I wasn’t actually trying to make a case for eating out by any means. 🙂 I was just answering the question how often do we eat out, and I was trying to explain why we choose to eat out when we do (times/schedule). It’s not cheaper to eat out, and I also don’t think it’s healthier, even while we try to make healthier choices. But it’s also not something I feel guilty about. At this point in our lives, we really can afford it without compromising saving or giving (I’m several years older than you, Amy!!).

  11. Well, if hubby had his way, we’d eat out twice a week. But since he doesn’t, we eat out once a week! 🙂

    Actually, we have in our budget what we call our Fun Fund. We use it for eating out, going to a movie, ordering a pizza for home delivery…that sort of thing. When it’s gone, we’re done for the month. It saves our sanity and makes us feel like we’re rich. LOL

  12. Honestly, I can’t find many places where the kids can eat free and I like much of the food (maybe some of you can give me ideas????).

    We get Subway maybe every other week but it helps that three of us eat only 6 inch subs.
    I think the more I learn how to cook myself the snobbier I get about what food I get when we go out.

    • “I think the more I learn how to cook myself the snobbier I get about what food I get when we go out.” So very true! My husband will say “We paid what for that? You could make it at home…”

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