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On Saturday I was honored to host my sister’s baby shower at our house.  Being the hostess gives me great motivation to get my home in order.  (Why I can’t seem to tackle my housekeeping without external motivation is beyond me.  I certainly can’t blame my mother for that one!)  Plus, I like making food for people.

My glowing, pregnant sister, in the pink. Me? NOT pregnant, but that blouse isn't doing much for my figure!

My co-hostesses and I chose a brunch theme for the 10:00 shower.  Not much of a cake and punch person, I prefer a more elegant, hors d’oeuvres spread.  Brunch works well for finger food (which is so much easier to eat when tables are not available), and the 10:00 time made it possible to also host a birthday/Mother’s Day cookout in the afternoon.  All the family was together; may as well make it a day!

Here’s what we served.  We’ll call it the Top 10 Baby Shower Brunch Ideas.  Look for the recipes in future posts.

Am I all alone in my avoidance of the traditional cake and punch?  What do you prefer to serve (or eat!) for bridal or baby showers?

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  1. Oh my! What a spread! I am not really a cake and punch gal myself, but so many people expect it. I’m going to book-mark this for the next time we have a shower @ church. Delish and stylish 🙂

  2. All sounds very yummy.

  3. Wonderful menu. Everything looks lovely!

  4. Showers are really not a big thing over here. So I’m thinking back to gatherings of women my mom used to cook for and my favourite of hers was lemon eclairs. Normal choux pastry recipe but lemon icing instead of chocolate and I believe she made the cream filling a lemon flavour too.

  5. I never drink punch, but LOVE the cake. 🙂 It’s the highlight (of the food) for me. The little brownie cups look very good!

  6. I’m a cake and punch girl but that is mostly because 90% of the showers I have hosted were on Sunday afternoon.

    I have bookmarked your lemon bar recipe. My husband loves them but I’ve never made them (I’m not much of a baker).

  7. looks like a great spread to celebrate a wonderful event

  8. Looks like it was a wonderful spread. Congrats to your sister on the new baby coming.

  9. It looks beautifully delicious!!

  10. Wow.. that all looks so yummy!!

  11. I LOVE poppyseed bread! And the strawberry/brownie things sound really good, too! Don’t worry – you’re not alone in the ‘needing outside motivation to clean the house’. My brother & his family stayed home in IL for Easter, so we went to my sister’s house – and you can tell that people haven’t been to my house since Christmas… 🙂

  12. That’s a really yummy spread!

  13. For my bridal shower, my sister served up a gorgeous brunch with baked omelets and delicious muffins. Oh, and mimosas!

    For my baby shower, my dear friend prepared a spicy Mexican spread.

    I guess neither is totally “traditional”, but I loved them both! I’m really not a huge cake and punch kind of girl, myself…

    Your spread looks beautiful… as do you!

  14. I’m not much of a cake/punch person either. I’m all about the hors d’oeuvers! My mom used to make a bunch of different ones for all the get togethers I had in HS. My friends either make or request them for any get together we have now.

  15. This looks lovely – I’m hosting a brunch shower this weekend; any chance you want to post the bread recipes first? 🙂

  16. What do I prefer to eat at showers? Why, chocolate of course!!!!

  17. My absolute favorite bridal shower food is mini cheesecakes. The crust is pre-made Athena phyllo dough tart shells- they’re in the freezer section. Then you mix up Jello No-Bake Cheesecake mix found in a big box near jello. (Discard the graham cracker crust) Pipe the cheesecake into the cups and place one raspberry on top. Not only are they very pretty, they taste amazing. I’ve tried other berries, but nothing compares to the flavor of the fresh (not canned) raspberry!

    Here’s a picture of what the tart shells look like:

  18. I’ve been a regular reader of your blog for a while now, but I think this might be my first reply.

    Anyway, I love the recipes that you provide — YUM!!! I’m not a cake and punch type either, but I do adore finger foods and brunches.

    For my bridal shower, my SIL to be threw a brunch with two types of quiches, two types of muffins (carrot and apple streusel, I believe), a salmon spread on party rye bread or crackers, fruit salad, sunshine jello salad, 7 layer salad, and veggie pizza squares. For dessert, there was a cake, but also individual cheesecakes and chocolate truffles. Beverages were coffee, iced tea and lemonade (my favorite). The same SIL also threw one of my baby showers (co-workers put on another one for me) and it was all yummy appetizers. A divine chicken salad on croissants was featured at my co-worker shower.

    Anyway, the shower for your sister looked lovely!

  19. WOW! Great looking food, Amy! 😀 You did a great job!! Love the pics! I like foods that you can just pick up and eat and of course a cake. 😀

  20. That looks amazing and so do YOU!

    I love cake and punch, but for my baby shower, we did an ice cream sundae bar! Ice cream was prescooped into dishes and frozen overnight, that way, no scooping necessary at the party! Then every topping you can think of was out on the tables and the guests served themselves!

  21. I love brunch type food and I think it is perfect for parties. We do breakfast on Christmas Eve morning with hubby’s family and it is always so yummy and a lot less work than cooking a supper.

  22. YUM! Almost makes me want to have another baby, if I can have a baby shower like this one!

  23. Do you have the recipe for your sausage wraps? I am planning my sisters baby shower & having it brunch style also. Would love to have it along with the mini quiche. Thanks so much.

  24. Lori TenHaken says:

    WOW! this spread looks great. I am preparing to have a baby shower brunch for a couple of my friends and was wondering if you know where to get the recipe for the strawberry cream cheese brownie cups?
    Lori TenHaken

  25. Susan Hines says:

    Thanks so much for the ideas!!! I don’t want to do the “punch” thing either!! And we are having two showers in one weekend when my son and daughter in law come from Indiana.


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