Mulch Pit Mystery

If you knew me in real life and you heard me talk about my "green thumb," you would laugh... hysterically.  I can't even keep house plants alive, for goodness sake.  However, you can count me in for a good science experiment (I taught middle school science for several years.  That qualifies me... for something... right?), and that seems to be just what we have. We have a mulch … [Read more...]

Our Menu This Week

Shortly after I discovered the blogging community a few months ago (yes, just a few months... I know... I know...) I quickly made it a point to stop by for my weekly menu planning fix. I love to try new recipes, and it fascinates me to see what different meals are prepared by people all over the country (world?). Now that I have my own blog, I want to join the … [Read more...]

Finer Things Friday

Mmmmmmmm, fresh-picked Sweet Corn straight off the cob. Definitely a "finer thing" of the summer. Join me next week when I share our harvesting and preserving method. Think 200+ dozen (yes, I said dozen -- you do the math) ears of sweet corn becoming 200+ bags of corn kernels stacked in the freezer (distributed between a few freezers, actually) to enjoy throughout the … [Read more...]