If you don’t love your essential oils, you might be doing it wrong.

[pinit count="horizontal"] I've spent a lot of time over the past 4 years encouraging friends, family, and total strangers (because I'm awesome like that) to use essential oils for optimal wellness, and to not stress over the intricacies. Do not fear the oils! Just respect them, I say. You can't go wrong, I say. But I may need to take it all back. If you love your essential … [Read more...]

The Light at the End of this Tunnel That I Love.

[pinit count="horizontal"] I can see it now. Sometimes it's dull (like when they pitter patter at 3am, and I stumble out bleary eyed to tuck them in again), and other times it flashes just so (like when she teases me with her 2yo giggle at her brother's ball game, arms wrapped around my neck, "Mommy, I need you," then gallops away to play with friends), signaling a reminder. … [Read more...]

To Be Greater

It's that time of year again! Backpacks were stuffed, hair was straightened, outfits were selected (and changed, and selected again), cinnamon rolls were devoured (with fried eggs. I promise I did not send them to school on sugar with no protein!), signs were made at the very.last.minute, and pictures were taken. Some good pictures, even! I won't lie, I teared up … [Read more...]

Life Last Week

Last Monday was the 15th. I was super proud of myself for noticing the date and jotting notes while taking pictures, because Day in the Life! That used to be one of my favorite posts! But by mid-afternoon the crazy picked up, the camera took fewer pictures, and I was all, "Oh, well! We'll try again another day." A few days later I still hadn't managed to capture a whole day, … [Read more...]

No Bake Granola Balls

Energy bites. Power balls. Granola balls. Cookie balls. (The Bonus Sisters' favorite!) Call them what you want, these versatile, easy, no bake bites of oats/honey/peanut butter and other goodness have been a staple at our homemade granola loving house . We travel with them, share them with the ball team, pack them for lunches, and even grab a couple for a rushed … [Read more...]