Winter Wellness Class TONIGHT {and a special offer from me!}

A little message from me to you! Tonight I am co-hosting a Winter Wellness class on Facebook at 7PM CST. You can find the class on Facebook right here. If you can't attend at that time, feel free to look through the posts at your convenience! You can't use what you don't have! If you decide that now is the right time for your family to invest in a Premium Starter … [Read more...]

Get you Pillow. Get you Pig.

It's just us in the afternoons now. First time in 11 years that I get to hang out with an "only" on a regular basis. First time in six years that I've had a two year old running around without a baby strapped to me. (Our two middles are three years apart. Remember us praying for him?!) There have been a lot of firsts this year, and I find myself changed. Less rushed. Less … [Read more...]

Home is Where My People Are

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook  you may have seen that I went out of town without my family last week for the first time in six years. (As I was prepping for the trip, printing out a 3-page itinerary for my people - all the logistics! - I was reminded why it's been 6 years.) I have a lot to share about my 4-day 3-nights trip to Salt Lake City. It was AMAZING in … [Read more...]

Groceries for Eight: September Spending

Over the years, many MANY of you have asked about what we spend on food. I hate that question. I used to be That Girl when I'd look at someone else's budget or grocery cart. (Well, no wonder it costs so much. Don't they know about coupons? Ewww, what JUNK is that?! That's not food! No wonder she got her groceries for the week for $16.42. There's nothing with any nutrients in … [Read more...]

This is my random life.

This is what I made this morning in protest to my oven element going out the other day. Related: you really can buy most anything on Amazon! This is why I can never take myself too seriously. My most recent FB update: This is what I'm reading. Don't judge by the cover (my least favorite part of the book), because I bet the contents aren't what you think! Most … [Read more...]