The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Yesterday on Instagram, I asked "corners or middle pieces?"  I think corners win (OF COURSE THE CORNERS WIN) but mostly, people wanted the recipe. Here it is! Some bloggers take 50 stylized shots with perfect lighting and pretty plates. I set the pan of almost gone cookie bars (including the one with the bite in it, oops!) on the front porch and click the button from … [Read more...]

Sharing the Mayhem

A couple days ago in one of the Facebook groups that I like to pop in on, there was a discussion lamenting how depressing and maddening social media has been lately, referring to people biting at each other over politics. So I showed them my most recent Facebook post. And there you have it. You're caught up on my life! You're welcome! (PS - Sometimes I think we're … [Read more...]

The Beautician and The Pixie

Two weeks ago I took this photo at a ballgame. It's SO MUCH FUN for me to have two girlies back to back (for the first time ever!) who aren't old enough to hate that mom dresses them the same. "We're Twinsies!" Note the pigtails on the little one. Take a good, long look. This is the next picture on my phone of my girl, exactly one week later. (Ok, fine. Probably not the … [Read more...]

My Be Beautiful

This one's for all the Mamas raising little girls who are already so beautiful they could make you weep. Sweet girl, you're already beautiful. And silly. And you make me giggle. (And so does your tattling big sister, your partner in crime, in the background.) I can't believe we could have missed this! … [Read more...]

Halloween 2016

What a great night for trick or treating! I started out in a sweatshirt pushing the stroller, but had to ditch it because I got too hot! Sure didn't feel like fall, but sure was nice to not have coats covering up costumes! We're on year two of "impossible to get a full group shot because our kids are going in every direction and they aren't all here at the same time." … [Read more...]