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Our oldest child is 9 and does not have a cell phone.  Actually, her dad doesn’t have one either because he lost his pre-paid one during harvest about a week after I loaded it for the year with $100 and… (oh, perhaps I’m getting off track?!)

Anyway, she doesn’t need one so she doesn’t have one.  Yet.  (Oh, yes friends.  I know my day is coming, and it’ll likely be sooner rather than later!)  However, that doesn’t mean I’m not concerned about mobile safety for kids right now.

There are real issues that kids face today when it comes to mobile phones: bullying, privacy, over-usage, texting while driving and more. (That list raises my blood pressure!)  AT&T has made a commitment to be a leader in providing education, resources and tools to help families better manage mobile safety. If you are interested in learning more, AT&T is offering the opportunity to one of my readers to attend a virtual Mobile Safety School session – along with a $50 VISA gift card.

The virtual Mobile Safety School schedule is as follows:

Oct. 23 at 1p ET – mobile safety for kids 8-11
Oct. 24 at 1p ET – mobile safety for kids 12-14
Oct. 25 at 1p ET – mobile safety for kids 15-17

To enter this giveaway, simply tell me which session you’d attend and what your biggest mobile safety concerns are.  Giveaway ends Saturday, October 20, at 11:59 pm, CST.  A winner will be randomly drawn and notified by email.

Disclosure:  I’m partnering with The Motherhood and AT&T to bring you information on mobile safety for kids.  After the webinars, I’ll let you know what we learned!

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  1. Eeks. Mine’s almost 8, so the session for 8-11 year olds.

  2. Oct. 23 at 1p ET – mobile safety for kids 8-11

    This is something that I struggle with. My kids don’t need a phone, yet… But “everyone” has one and my kids tell me the things other kids are hearing, saying and seeing via cell phones.. Ugh.. Scary..

  3. Samantha D says:

    I would be interested in the Oct. 24 at 1p ET – mobile safety for kids 12-14 session because of my nephew, who is 11. I want to make sure he knows how to use it as a tool for communication and for safety and HOW to use it safely in terms of what information he shares, particularly with strangers. Thank you for these opportunities.

  4. Gale Benington says:

    I need the Oct. 25th session because my daughter is 15. I worry about all the private talk, and hope she is being appropriate.

  5. I would need the 15-17 year old class. My concern is over usage and not having actual conversations because the phone is taking up so much time.

  6. I would like to attend the Oct. 23. My daughters are still young, so my concern is having them drop or break the phone.

  7. I am most concerned about privacy issues and unknown calls. Oct. 23 would be great to attend.

  8. Well, since my oldest is just 5, I’d attend the one for 8-11 year olds. No harm in planning a few years ahead, right? My biggest concern at the moment, since none of my kids have phones, is MY usage of the phone. “Just checking my email real quick” while they are playing outside, etc. I used to just play with them, but now that I have a smartphone I struggle with balancing “getting things done” with just playing and enjoying my kids.

  9. October 23 for the 8 year olds. Biggest concern over usage/ texting. The damage it causes to fingers and neck and can’t remember what else, but its unreal. Saw an episode of The Doctors about the damage kids are getting from texting too much.

  10. I have a daughter about to turn 12, so I’d attend the session for 12-14 yr olds. I’m most concerned about appropriate/inappropriate texting.

  11. October 25th one for 15-17 year olds. Having a child about to turn 16, I worry about cell phone use while driving.

  12. Harmony B says:

    I would attend Oct. 23 at 1p ET – mobile safety for kids 8-11
    Im concerned with inappropriate content / texts

  13. My daughter will be 15 next month and still does not need a phone. I stood my ground that my kids do not need a phone at this young age. She is very athletic, an officer in FFA, and maintains a 4.0 GPA with honor classes. She first pushed hard for the phone from ages 11-13, now she says that she doesn’t need one. If she got one, she would want one that only talks, no texting or extras. I am glad I stood my ground and didn’t get “pulled” into the everyone else has one bologna. Phones are wants not needs for kids.

  14. I would attend the October 23rd session and I’m most concerned about protecting my child’s privacy.

  15. Oct. 23 at 1p ET – mobile safety for kids 8-11…I’m most concerned about privacy and inappropriate texting

  16. October 23. My little girl isn’t quite there yet, but I know our time will come. My biggest mobile concerns are my children having the opportunity to be in touch with people without my awareness/approval

  17. I’d attend the session for 8-11 year olds. My biggest concern, like Julie above, is just being in touch with people without my approval. I’m praying that by the time my boys are old enough for phones that we had taught them well enough to seek God before all things!

  18. I’d attend the Oct 23 one too since my oldest is 8. My biggest concern is the anonymity and secrecy that a phone could possibly provide. Can you put an internet filter on phone and read kids’ texts?

  19. I would attend the Oct 23 session and my biggest concern is my children receiving unwanted calls on their cell and not knowing what to do .

  20. I’d attend the 15-17 one. My biggest concern is texting/talking while driving. It’s illegal, but more importantly, it’s not safe!

  21. I would attend the one on the 25th for 15-17 year olds. My son is 15-almost-16, and my two biggest worries are driving while texting and inappropriate conversations.

  22. I would attend the October 23rd session. My children are 11 and 9 and neither of them have a cell phone. I just don’t think that they need one right now. My biggest concerns are cyber/text bullying and inappropriate information and/or pictures relayed through texts.

  23. I would attend the first one for 8-11 year olds. My biggest concern is texting while driving–I’ve seen far too many accidents and close calls from texting while driving!

  24. 8-11 year old session. My kids don’t have phones yet, but a lot of their friends do. Inappropriate texting & too much privacy is what concerns me

  25. Angela Ford says:

    October 25 for me…My daughter is almost 15. My concerns are having 24 hour access to the internet if I get her on an internet package and the content of her texts. I think I should be able to see her texts online as the owner of the phone.

  26. 8-11 My girls don’t have phones yet, but many others that we know do !

  27. I’d attend Oct 24. It seems like ALL concerns around texting while driving concern me I can’t pick just one. But I hate when ADULTS text while driving with their kiddos sitting right there — setting such an awful example.

  28. I would attend the one for 15-17 y.o. although I have an 8, 13 and 16. None of them currently have phones but the driver borrows mine when she has the car.

  29. Melissa S. says:

    I would do the Oct. 25th for 15-17 since I have a 17 year old who is about to get a driver’s permit. We have also relocated to a mountainous terrain from a pretty flat landscape.

  30. I would attend the Oct. 23rd session. I am concred about my child’s privacy

  31. Michelle W says:

    My daughter is almost 12 so I would like to have her attend the Oct. 23rd session but we have another commitment, so we’ll attend the session on the 22nd.

  32. I would attend the 8-11 session. I have a 6yo who already requests a cell phone on a regular basis. An ipad, too, but that’s beside the point. 🙂

  33. Michelle W says:

    I mixed up the dates. I meant that we would attend the session on the 23rd.

  34. Oct. 25 at 1p ET – mobile safety for kids 15-17

    One of the things that I worried about was the privacy issue.

  35. I’d attend the 8-11 session. I worry about privacy.

  36. I’d like the first one since my nieces and nephew are in this age range and it is closest to my own kids too. I HATE watching people text when they should be driving. We don’t text. At all! And I think it is just a prescription for dangerous situations.

  37. Andrea D. says:

    I would attend the first session and my biggest worry is pictures that should not be taken or sent.

  38. i would attend mobile safety for kids 8-11 — and my biggest concern is that somehow a person could tell your physical location from your mobile phone

  39. Rebecca L. says:

    I would attend the Oct. 24th one but my 14 year old doesn’t have a mobile phone yet. We homeschool and I just don’t see the need for her to have it when she is with me the majority of the time. My oldest didn’t get one until she got a part time job and was out after dark, at work. She paid for it herself and she does the pay as you go and pays for it herself.

  40. Our oldest son has had absolutely no desire to possess a cell phone. Now that he’s driving on his own, though, felt that it was important, especially since we live 8 miles out of town. So we decided on a Verizon prepaid phone. The only rule right now is that he’s required to call home before leaving town, especially after late night away football or basketball games. We pay for $10 worth of service each month and he picks up any overages. At $.25 a minute, that hasn’t been an issue 😉 !!!

  41. I’d attend the October 23 session. My biggest concern is being able to get ahold of my child when he is away from me, but I also don’t want to introduce a phone sooner than necessary.

  42. October 23rd – worried about inappropriate messaging

  43. Maria perez says:

    I would watch the 15-17 and I am concerned with all aspects but most texting while driving.

  44. I have an 18 yr old and a 15 yr old, so the Oct. 25th one would interest me. Driving safety, appropriate messages, and courtesy (not excluding people because you’re busy texting who-knows-who) are my concerns.

  45. I worry about all of those things too. I would attend the 8-11 one.

  46. texting and driving and I would attend Oct. 23 at 1p ET

  47. Mine is Oct 24th. Bullying is my concern. I think its horrible to have to deal with bullying 24/7.

  48. attend the 10/25 session
    one of my biggest fears is texting while driving

  49. My son is only 2 so I would attend the mobile safety for kids 8-11. My biggest concern would be texting and driving.

  50. October 23rd session. My biggest concern is privacy & inappropriate content. Thanks!

  51. My daughter just turned 12, so we’d go to the October 24 session. She is now in the youth group at church and is taking my phone with her to call me when she’s ready to be picked up.

  52. I’d love to attend the October 25th session for teens, and I’m concerned about how to talk to my kids about sexting. I know it goes on among some of their friends, but I don’t know what they know or think about it.

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  53. Cindy King says:

    I would attend the session on October 24.

    My biggest concern is knowing my daughter will be behind the wheel in two years. One of my greatest fears is a car accident occuring because of texting and driving or talking on the phone and driving.

  54. october 23rd – concerned about privacy

  55. my concern is picture messages. i would attend the 23rd

  56. Oct. 25 at 1p ET – mobile safety for kids 15-17 since this is the age when kids get licensed and start driving. Texting is a new phenomenon and it should be emphasized how dangerous texting while driving is. Sure there are privacy issues that a mobile safety session can address, but the dangers texting while driving should be stressed.

  57. I would actually like to attend either the October 23rd or 24th classes. I have five children – 6, 8, 9, 11 and 13. The 11 and 13 year olds have cell phones already and I know the others aren’t far behind. I am most concerned about texting and bullying.

  58. Oct. 25th at 1 PM ET is our best session. I am concerned with unsafe texting.

  59. October 24th. I am concerned with who they are texting. We only allow 5 friends for her iPod and check it regularly.

  60. the october 24 session and biggest concern is texting and driving as well as forwarding nasty text message (bullying)

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  61. My daughter is only 4 months old, so what scared me most is what advances will be made in the coming years! I love on our church youth group kids, and would love to attend the Oct 25 session to know how to best help them.
    Really, boys had to talk to whoever answered the phone at my house. If Mom or my brother didn’t approve, I didn’t get the phone handed to me. (Dad never answers the phone 🙂 )

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