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Are you a diaper snob?  I am, but I’m not. When my babies are brand new, nothing beats Pampers Swaddlers.  I’m willing to pay the piper for those in newborn and size 1, all the while planning ahead for the best deal.  After that?  All bets are off.  Show me the bargains!

A few months ago all sorts of magazines were rolling out coupon codes that made for some pretty amazing deals on diapers.  Those codes seem to have disappeared, but the Amazon Mom program is still alive and well, offering up some pretty incredible prices and free shipping on diapers.

Right now it seems Luvs is offering the best bang for your baby’s booty.  My little guy’s size 3’s are just 14¢ each with subscribe and save.  It’s hard to beat that price with a sale and coupon at the store!  Prices vary with the size of the diaper.

Do you pay attention to price per diaper when buying?  What’s your target price? And those of you who have your baby’s bum wrapped in those modern, ultra-cute cloth diapers?  Oh, how I wish I would have known about those 8 years ago!  I may have joined you!


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  1. Shandra says:

    I’m not normally a diaper snob, but I would tell you to try ONE box of Luvs before you buy too many. I decided to try them and they were HORRIBLE for my son. I think it always depends on the baby, but my son would completely soak through a diaper in less than an hour, let alone overnight! Having to wake up my 18 month old to change him in the middle of the night or, worse, wake up to him screaming because he’s so uncomfortable, was definitely NOT on my to-do list. So, please, try them out before you stock up on an unknown brand!

    • You’re right. Amazing, but it really does depend on the baby. I’ve never once had a problem with Luvs, but with my first… I hated Pampers! Crazy, right?! They felt funny and had a yucky odor with her. So strange.

    • I agree that it depends on the baby; we tried Luvs on our first son and they were awful, but tried them again with our second and they’ve been great. We do the same deal that Amy outlines above, using the Amazon Subscribe and Save. Love it! 🙂

  2. Awesome deal! Thanks for sharing. I usually try to target at least 17 cents per diaper, I got these for 13…yea!

  3. Jessica says:

    I switched over to cloth halfway through diapering baby #2, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Baby #3 has only had a sposie on a few times in his little life, and it’s been whatever’s laying around. 🙂 Before the cloth though, I was much like you — Pampers swaddlers for the little bitties, then whatever is the dirt cheapest after that! I was a little more picky for nighttime — no interest in waking up to a mess! But a pack of “premium” diapers last a long time when you’re just using them at night.

  4. Plus it’s fun to see the UPS truck pull up, even if it’s just delivering a box of diapers! 🙂

  5. I’m normally a Huggies girl because I can usually find those for about $0.11 per diaper at Amazon. A few weeks ago, I picked up a box of 222 size 3 Pampers from Amazon for about $0.12/diaper! The price listed on the search landing page is sometimes higher than what is quoted after clicking on the actual product link! So if you have your heart set on a particular brand, it pays to click the link just in case. Also, be sure to go to occasionally to see if they have the $1.50 off Pampers web coupon to use in conjunction with the subscribe and save option; that’s how I got such a great deal on my most recent purchase.

  6. I usually use – but I think the prices you listed are even better!!! I love Luvs too – have tried the store-brands and they just leak. In most things, I’m frugal, but in this it’s worth the extra $.

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