A Welcoming Home Honors Daddy

This week in the Honoring Daddy series, we offered up ways to welcome Daddy home.  Just like every home is unique, every man’s expectations are likely different.

My own house becomes a welcoming haven if we the people are pleasant when my husband walks through the door.  Smiling and having fun? Bonus!  It seems he’s not alone with his simple requests:

From Mr. Feels Like Home ~

“It would be nice if everyone could smile at me and say hello.” You know what? That would be nice. I greet strangers with a smile and a kind word, so why not greet my husband that way?  Why not, indeed.

At Parenting Miracles, JessieLeigh encourages us to Speak his Love Language:

There have been times when I (literally) had to choose between baking something for a dessert that night or vacuuming the (dirty) living room floor before my man got home. I’ve learned, through trial and error, that my husband is far more likely to notice and appreciate cookies than a dust-bunny free floor. Knowing this, I can make better choices in terms of making him happy.

Over at Motherhood…Your Way, Mandi offers suggestions to draw your husband home.  Here’s one of them:  Don’t dump on him as he walks in the door.

I used to struggle with this one a lot. After a long day of balancing work, kids and a colicky baby by myself, Sean would walk in the door — after an equally long day of physically tiring work — and I would dump on him, both figuratively with my words and literally as I handed over the fussy baby. I’m sure he couldn’t wait to come home to that.

What he asked was that I give him just 15 minutes to sit, change his clothes and take a breather before I start dumping on him. Fair enough, right?

Jessica stopped me short at Good, Cheap Eats:  “I confess that it is all too easy to make extra special efforts for other people, instead of for those that I love the most.” (Yikes.  Me, too.) Read her 3 Delicious Ways to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere.

How do you best welcome your husband home?


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  1. Kristen Trappett says:

    I try to give my hubby time to GET HOME. It definetely helps our home stay happy and cheerful if he has enough time to set his bags down, and take his coat off before the chaos begins. Also I have noticed by giving him this little bit of time, I get a most appreciated kiss hello and a smile!!

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