A Peek Into My {Current} Crazy











  1. Oh my, I’m hoping this is progress towards your new basement and not a terrible issue with your house!

  2. Sooooo exciting! Hope that everything goes smoothly!

  3. Woohoo! I’m so glad your saving is reaping rewards now!

  4. That’s my brother!!! It was almost as much fun to see pictures of him as it was to see you’re finally getting started on that basement! As a bonus, you get babysitting or at least entertainment for your kids for days to come.

    • You know what’s fun? Telling people that I called the construction foreman the night before the job to ask him to bring me 3 chickens and some honey from his farm. HA! (And he did.) 🙂

    • Oh. My favorite Levi-ism from Day 1. He was asking how many children we have. I told him five. Without missing a beat, he says “Well, that’s a good start.” Cracked me up!

      • I can totally hear him say that!

        Honey from Levi’s farm is great stuff. That was one of the few things that sustained me during my very long labor. Levi’s bees helped me get my baby out.

        • Guess what two little brown-eyed (you know they aren’t mine!) girls are in my house watching Veggie Tales this morning?

          • AWWW! Lucky! I’m sure they were totally entranced by Veggie Tales! Hope the oldest one and your #3 didn’t fight this time. : )

  5. Cheryl Armstrong says:

    I love all the excitement! Congratulations Amy.

  6. Isn’t it amazing how much entertainment watching construction vehicles brings to little ones? Bet there’s lots of noses pressed against windows at your place!

  7. I’m so happy for you guys! I’m sure this part isn’t the most fun thing to live through, but based on what you’ve said here for a long time this will be an AMAZING blessing to your family when it is done! Living like no one else so you can live like no one else…great job!

  8. Amy Congrats!! I have a question for you. We have moved out of state and are looking to a buy a home. We have found one cute house with only 1 bathroom. It’s the best home within our price range though. Given your experience with one bathroom would you consider it? Given the price point of the home we could pay it off very early.

    • I absolutely would do it all over again. 🙂 It is SO gratifying to pay off a home early and save for improvements or a newer/bigger home. It’s tight here now with the 7 of us, but when we moved here there were only 4 of us. It’s all we knew and it has worked well for 7 years. So well that we decided to improve instead of move!

  9. Awesome! I know this is something you’ve blogged about wanting/saving for. Congratulations on your current crazy!

  10. Your children will talk about this for years. I still remember when our parents MOVED our entire house from one street to the next 🙂

  11. SO excited for you!! I know that your family has been saving for quite a while for this!! Hope you will share lots of pictures!

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