A Day in the Life {November 2013}

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The Good News: I didn’t forget!

The Other News: It’s been three days. The details are sketchy.

6:37 ~ (Well, that detail isn’t sketchy.) Up and at ‘em, and hopped into the shower real quick while the kids were still sleeping. Got out of the shower to the hum of a busy family trying to get ready for school while two little people cried for their Mama. Oops.


Very thankful for three bigs who fixed their own fried eggs and toast before school while wet-headed Mama snuggled the grumpies.

8:00 ~ Big kids off to school, and the basement crew arrived. My hair is still in my shower towel, and it’s time to get a move on. I hooked Mr. 3 up with some tv and took Miss 1 into the bathroom with me. Make up on, hair dried. Got the kids some breakfast, checked email and social media, cleaned the kids up, and then started on my breakfast. Only, it got quiet, and that’s never a good thing…


Yep. Top bunk. This happens every.single.time we forget to take the ladder down in the morning.


9:00 ~ It took a while, but I finally got to eat, and yes, I ate well! If I can swing it I’ll make myself a bigger breakfast and then a small lunch, hoping to eat and work during lunch while the kids are asleep.


She considers their “barricade” a challenge. A ladder, if you will. Oy.

10:00 ~ This was happening at the door that used to lead to the basement. No stairs. No door. No basement. Just lots and lots of noise and fumes. Oh, the fumes! And the noise! They were working right under my kitchen, and someday I’ll show you a better picture of the hole in the wall that my fridge sits in, but suffice it to say there is NO sound barrier or fume barrier to all the hubbub below. After vacating to the park the afternoon before, I knew we needed a plan for today.

I also knew that my parents would be stopping by for a glimpse at our project, so I didn’t want to leave too early. I got as much work done as I could, the kids and I watched the demolition, and we took a walk to the bank and the post office to get some fresh air. Isn’t that what everyone does to get fresh air?!

11:50 ~ By the time we got home, Lance had arrived for his lunch break, so I quick made him a couple of sandwiches. Then my parents arrived for a tour. They brought pizza. Yay!


The back door is out of commission for a while.

We showed them around and they freaked out a little about all the ways our kids could get hurt with deep trenches dug all around the house. ;) Then they left and so did we. No more fumes!


1:00 ~ I loaded up the kids and the laundry (until the basement’s done, our washer and dryer are outside) and retreated to my aunt’s house for a couple of hours. It’s only 5 minutes out of town, but 5 minutes was all it took for this little chickie to fall into a deep sleep. I left her there, checking every few minutes, for two hours. She woke up just as we were ready to go back home and meet the school kids.

4:30 ~ Only 10 minutes late, we were all packed up and “Mommy has lipstick on!” because we’re going out! By we I mean just the two of us. The kids stayed with some friends who generously did another load of our laundry (ha!) and fed my kids for my birthday! Woo-hoo! I got to eat a hot meal and didn’t have to cut up anyone’s food or get up to get someone something to drink! (Yes, Mr. 3 fell asleep 2 miles down the road. This construction thing is tiring, man!)


6:30 ~ We picked the kids up (yep, it was a fast dinner date. We’ll take it!) and headed home for the school play.

6:55 ~ Kids walked out the door with dad, but Miss 1 and I stayed behind. She’s been going to bed earlier because of all the action, and I wasn’t messing that up!


Silly girl loves to shake and play with the oils.

7:15 ~ I oiled her up (we’re using lavender and tranquil right now) and nursed her to sleep. Then I may have sat in the dark in my bed with my phone just playing around and enjoying the quiet, trying not to fall asleep myself.

Birthdays are exciting around here, friends!

8:00 ~ Lance brought Mr. 3 home from the play. He was exhausted and wanted mom. I laid down with him for a few minutes until he was asleep, then willed myself up to get a little work done. And a little skype chatting.

9:00 ~ The big kids were home from the play and in bed. I finished up some work, and then laid down in front of a movie for my birthday massage. That’s our tradition, and it’s one I wouldn’t trade for all the bow-tied gifts in the world.

10:30 ~ Took a bath and snuggled in with the hopes of sleeping late the next morning!

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  1. Hey Amy. Are you still liking your new car seat? We ordered one – the same one- but find that getting the kiddo in it is really difficult because the straps from the HUGS thing (that black strap) makes it so tight. Our baby is younger than yours and so smaller…how do you get her in without a struggle?

    • I do, but I think I know what you’re talking about. That hard plastic on the straps. It IS tight. I need to get out to my vehicle, but I’m pretty sure there is an easy way to loosen them and tighten again to make the in and out easier. Maybe that top bar with the release latch? I don’t mess with it, but that may help. I’ll try to check the next time I strap her in.

  2. Cheryl Armstrong says:

    Happy Birthday Amy!

  3. Love these day in the life posts. Please continue them into 2014 :)

  4. Happy Birthday. I hope you keep doing these posts in 2014. They are my favorites!

  5. Courtney B says:

    I love them too! Please keep doing them, it is so fun to see others mom’s daily lives.

  6. Happy Birthday!! I love these posts. I am trying to be more, “go with the flow” and you seem to do a really good job of that. It inspires me to read about your days and the way you handle unexpected challenges!

    • Oh Cheryl, THANK YOU for that! I usually consider my “go with the flow” as unorganized and not motivated. I’m thrilled that you see it otherwise. ;)

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