A Day in the Life ~ January

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My very favorite comments and emails from readers are the ones that say they appreciate that I keep it real around here.  You get the good, the bad, and the ugly, my friends, and I truly do hope you feel at home in our crazy, wonderful mess of a life!

One of my blogging goals this year is to bring you more of what day-to-day life looks like for us.  My plan is to blog a full “Day in the Life” post on the 15th(ish — because if I’m truly keepin’ it real, I may forget until the 20th) of every month of 2013.

And today… I remembered!  Yee-haw!

The day actually started before yesterday ever ended.  Last I was up (again), the clock read 1:22 a.m. and I was in bed with a crying 5yo whose “legs huuurrrrt.”  She’d been crying on and off for the better part of the last two hours (I suspect growing pains), so I rubbed her down with some PanAway oil and told her (in my “I’m trying hard to be patient here, but it’s the middle of the night already!” voice) she was keeping everyone up with her incessant crying.   (PS ~ This is the same child who cries out frequently in the middle of the night and doesn’t remember a bit of it in the morning.)  Don’t know if it was the oil or the exhaustion (from both of us!), but she quieted down immediately and slept the rest of the night.

6:25 came awfully soon, but at least it came with the sounds of a happily awake baby and the sight of a gummy grin.  Soon following, right across the hall, was the pitter patter of a 2yo.  “Good Morning, Mommy!  I wake up!”

7:00 ~ I nursed the baby back to sleep and started (later than planned) breakfast for everyone else.  We’re all fighting some congestion, so milk isn’t a good idea right now.  Scrambled eggs with sausage, and homemade hashbrowns it is!  It was about 7:15 when I realized today’s the 15th and I needed to find the camera for my January Day in the Life post.


After serving up breakfast, I gathered my clothes and headed to the shower at 7:24, only to be thwarted by “Mommy, I have poops.  Change them, please?”


Took care of the poops and got him dressed for the day, which actually worked out great because we needed to be out the door before 8:30.  I am pushing my luck this morning!

Finally hit the shower after 7:30, which happens to be the worst possible time of day for me to shower.  I was interrupted by knocking and brushing of teeth no less than 15 times from people of all ages trying to get out the door to school.  I had to grin, though, when the 1st grader was reading me his homework while I was washing my hair.  Such is life.  (Dear Jesus, if you see fit for us to have an extra bathroom in the near future, somehow, some way, I would be eternally grateful.  Amen.)


My new socks are all sorts of fun!

I hopped out of the shower, threw a towel around my head, and wished my school kids a happy day at 7:55, thankful again that I never ever have to drive them to school.


I’m hungry, and the irony is blaring.  We need to make our farm run for milk rightthisveryminute, and there is no time for Mama to eat.  Do as I say, not as I do.  We don’t have tortillas or buns (Oh, shoot!  Yes we DO have hamburger buns that I completely forgot about.  Pita pockets, too!  All in the freezer.  Would have made a perfect breakfast sandwich.  Grrrr) so coffee with caramel flavor and cream, it is.

I run Mr. 2yo out to the car and come back in to grab the sleeping baby out of her bed (<——— how much do I HATE doing that?!) to go get milk.  Milk that we shouldn’t even drink if we continue with the congestion.  Geez.


Really, mom?!

We hopped in the suburban and I remembered this.  Call me brave… call me stupid.  Whatever.  Our farm trek is about 35 miles round trip.  Surely we’ll make it.  Besides, it’s 15° outside!  Ignore the tire light. We need to fix that.


Rather peaceful, that trip.


Snagged my milk and headed back to town.  The kids were good, so I figured I may as well get gas.  Besides, the temp has now risen to a balmy 18° and I wanted to show some of you why I don’t pay for gas with cash.


And there ya have it.  My “gas station.”  Funny thing is they upgraded to digital since the last time I filled up!  I was shocked!  Before it was the pumps that had the rolling numbers.  I’m so bummed I didn’t get a picture of those!

After a quick stop at the post office, we got home at 9:30. I hauled the milk and diaper bag in, then hauled the nearly-asleep toddler in, then the baby.  Who else makes three trips with every outing?  (That’s why we like to stay HOME, people!) After feeding the baby again, I was finally able to sit down (who am I kidding?!) eat my breakfast while trying to salvage the kitchen around 10:00.  Shortly after, I put the baby down for a nap and got busy.


Ahem.  Breakfast remains.  Okay, fine.  Last night’s supper, too.  You caught me.  It’s all swept up now, though!  I got some basic clean up done in our front rooms in between “Catch it, Mommy!” truck stunt driving with the boy.


What is my problem with plants?!  I am just so “out of site, out of mind” even when it’s in plain sight.  Ugh.  Need to work on that.

The internet guy was scheduled to arrive between 10 and noon.  He called at 11:30 to assess the problem and make sure he needed to drive out.  Internet even slower after an upgrade = he came out.  An hour later I was all fixed up.  We hope. 

Baby’s sleeping.  Got The Tyrant down for a nap just before 1:00 and sat down with my Thieves tea to get some computer work done.


At 1:22 I hear happy squawking from the bedroom.  Twenty-two minutes is not enough time to get my computer work done, just in case you were wondering.  😉


“What?!  What’d I do?”  So we settled in with the laptop in our favorite chair.


Note the roman shade on the floor in the background?  The cord (that lifts and lowers it) keeps breaking, so I gave up.  When I want shade, I hang it on the velcro.  When I want sun, I rip it down.  Classy!  Also, the hair.  No, I have not had my hair cut since before the baby was born.  It’s been 6 months now!  I want to do something with it, but I don’t know what.  And… I’m growing rather fond of the ease of the pony tail.  Hmmm.  Ideas?

2:15 ~ Oh, little Tyrant.  a 1 hour 15 minute nap is really not long enough, but your sweet “Good morning, Mommy!” complete with hug, may have just bought you some movie time. (Yes, I know he’s a Tyrant because I am a Sucker!)

3:25 ~ Big kids walk in the door, to the tune of, “The kids are here!”  I’ll never tire of that.  My husband walks in the door shortly after, and I head to the school for some Booster Club hospitality hostess duty.  Basically I chatted with people and made sure the food didn’t walk away before the tournament staff could eat it.  It was a vacation.

5:30 ~ Got home and nursed the baby, put her down for a nap, then started supper.  Chicken fried rice tonight.  Cheap, easy, quick, healthy, tasty.  Lance asks, “Why is it we don’t have this at least once a week?”  Hmmmm.  Good thought!  By the time supper was ready, it was after 6:30.  We fed the kids and tidied up the kitchen, then sent them off to play while we ate and watched our date night show, NCIS.  Total guilty pleasure, and it was good tonight!

In the midst of all the supper preparations, we realized our phone isn’t working.  The phone and the internet are now hooked up together, and the internet got “fixed” this afternoon.  Oh, wait.  It doesn’t work now, either!  {rolls eyes}  I’ll spare you the gory details.  Lance put the kids to bed while I was dealing with said details.

Our little guy is coughing and congested, so I quick rubbed him down with oils and got the diffuser started.  The girls asked for a diffuser, too, so I got one going in there.  By 9:00 I was just ready to sit down and get some work done!  Um, without internet, that wasn’t happening.


I took advantage of the quiet (4 kids in bed, one baby rocking, hubby at a late ballgame) and read some encouragement.  Turns out I am fully equipped to handle any trouble thrown my way.  (And so are you!)  How about that.  😉


I was eventually able to bypass the wireless router and get some internet straight through the modem, so here we sit at 10:06.  So much for going to bed early tonight!  (And yes, my living room really does look like that right now.  Ugh.)

I’ve got a sponsored post that needs to be written before I go to bed, and then I’m headed that way.  Lance is home and doing his rock the baby to sleep duty.  I may take a bubble bath detour before I hit the hay, but it’s looking like another 11:00 night, or later.  Yuck.

Just keepin’ it real!

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  1. Thank you for this reality! I needed it today. My husband has been on vacation from school (until yesterday) for a month and I was losing it around here! For some reason, I can’t get anything done when he’s home! On another note, I was hoping you could tell me what book you are reading in the picture. I have two daily devotional books but they’re just too short to be meaningful for me. Thank you in advance!

  2. This looks like a CRAZY day. Are all your days like this?

  3. I love that your living room looked like it did in the last picture! I thought I was the only one! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your whole day!

  4. Thanks for posting this. It really was a blessing for me. I really enjoyed it, especially the baby pics!
    The blogs I seem to read regularly feature gorgeous photos where everything looks so perfect. It is so refreshing to see that someone else has things in disrepair but are making it work for now, like the blinds. Love that.

  5. Great post! It’s so nice to be able to get a glimpse of your life & awesome that you didn’t feel you needed to hide any of the imperfections! I’m looking forward to monthly posts like this one. :]

  6. Wow! Your day is quite impressive! I love how even when you have a million things going on, you can still see the good things in life and keep your priorities straight! You truly are an inspiration to me!

    • Oh, please don’t be impressed. I had to be out the door early. 3 “appointments” yesterday, none today. It’s 10:00 and I still haven’t washed my face or brushed my teeth. 😉

  7. I agree! Thank you for being real. Sometimes on the blogs you get an image of people that probably is not the case and you think why can’t I do that. I have 4 here and it seems like my living room always looks like that and that is with clean up every night I don’t get it. That is my life, I know one day I will miss all that mess. So for now I accept it and enjoy it even. Till I step on a toy that is.

  8. Love the realness in your post. Sometimes I get so discouraged because I can’t do it all. Thanks for the encouragement. It truly is more important to enjoy life with the littles than to stress over the imperfections in our houses! Our home is like yours clean enough to be healthy, messy enough to be fun 🙂 I can relate to the crying of legs hurting in the middle of the night. I had that as a child & so did 2 of my boys-turns out theirs was a mineral deficiency. My boys woke up for hours almost nightly for a very long while. Thankfully we had a clinical nutritionist help us figure it out. Will pray for your little one.

    • Someone else suggested magnesium, so it very well could be a mineral thing. I think I’ll try Epsom Salt soaks and see what happens. Thanks!

  9. As my friend once said ‘the days are long but the years are short’ when raising little kids. Enjoy today – chaos and everything!

  10. Wow…made me tired just reading it! Brought back memories of when my girls were little. Love that you keep it real!

  11. Looks like a happy home where children live! And it looks like mine has often looked!!! 🙂 We are past the toddler stage, so we have different kinds of messes and you would think I should be able to keep it neat since I’m not taking care of babies. Oh well, a home is for living in! Plus, blogging adds a new dimension to everything else. Until I started blogging, I did not realize how much time it takes. You definitely have to be superwoman to have a perfectly neat home, cook all the meals, love the kiddos, do laundry, blog, run errands, etc etc etc!!!

    Love the photo of your run for milk. I know it doesn’t strike everyone, but the landscape is beautiful!

    I’m in the same boat on the hair thing. I need to go get a trim. Not sure what I want. I’d like more of a hair-do if that makes sense. Yet, I want to keep it longer too. Have you heard of Lilla Rose? I bought some of their flexi-clips a year or so ago and really liked them. They work for a ponytail and look cute too. I recently became a consultant and I have a website if you are ever interested in checking Lilla Rose out.

    This Day in the Life would make a fun link-up party! I struggle with wanting to be real on my blog, yet not seem negative at the same time. This is a really fun post!

    • It does make sense. I need some shape to my hair! I do know Lilla Rose, and actually have a clip… somewhere. 😉 I believe one of my girls “borrowed” it. I’ll have to get with you sometime about that, because I could probably use another one.

      • I forgot that I was going to tell you that I totally commiserate with the one bathroom thing. We only had one bathroom in our house until we moved about a year ago. It makes for some interesting times!

    • SimplyRebekah.com is hosting the link up February 1, so be sure to link to it! She does it every year in Jan/Feb. Maybe I’ll put a linky on my monthly ones, too. Good idea!

  12. Rebecca Miller says:

    Hey you have probably thought of this already but your little one that cries out in the night might need a little bit of extra magnesium. I love the flakes thrown in a bath a few times a week. Helps my littles sleep better and helps with growing pains. Loved this post! I love to see what life is like for others!

  13. I hear ya, on so many things. Glad to know I’m not the only one in the country with only one bathroom. 🙂

    He’s not a tyrant because you’re a sucker, he’s a tyrant because he’s two! At least he naps. Mine won’t anymore, so she’s losing it every afternoon.

    I always warm up a rice pack for my kids’ growing pains. Our rice packs: a spare sock, filled and sewn; and a dish towel, folded, filled, and sewn. That seems to help faster than anything. I might have to try the oil, though. I remember trying an essential oil on a twisted ankle once in high school, and it worked great. Wish I could remember what that one was.

  14. Love it Amy! And, with a 1 and 2 year old, I don’t like to get out much either…we enjoy our ‘quiet days’ at home instead of getting in and out of the van! 🙂

  15. ahhh…everyone safe, happy and fed..the day was a success 🙂
    on the internet thing…we recently upgraded also and now it won’t work with the cable splitter (to use one outlet for cable and internet). Have no idea why (and neither does the technician), but the internet must now have it’s own dedicated cable outlet (we figured this out after buying a new splitter, changing rooms, etc). Did they figure out what was wrong with yours?

  16. Thank you for doing this! I always think that other moms have it so together and I’m just scrambling around all of the time. It’s so similar to many of my days that this brought a big smile to my face:)

  17. I loved this post!! I am so past all the little kid things ( have a almost 13 year old and 20 year old) but WOW, do I remember the days!! Just wait till the tween/teen years hit, and you will think you’ve lost your mind!! Kids and their stuff EVERYWHERE with assorted sports etc. paraphanalia thrown into the mix. But to tell the truth, I miss the young years. Please relish the hugs and kisses, they grow up so quickly.

  18. Your socks match! (With the littler Finer One) 🙂

  19. I love Day in the Life posts. Thank you for sharing your day with us. I know many of us can relate 🙂

  20. That is why I love your blog. Some blogs have PERFECTLY decorated houses and kids and moms in designer clothes driving brand new cars and I am like really?…..mine are all teens now, but I miss the toys all over the carpet and them “needing” me………….you are savoring every moment and the real deal. Keep up the good work!

  21. I love how real you are and that’s why I love your blog!:)

  22. My absolute FAVORITE type of post. Love getting a peek into your life. It is inspiring and fun! One thing I was wondering though was when and how do you handle homework with your bigger ones with the babies around? I could use a little advice 🙂

    • When necessary, my big girl will pull up a chair right next to me nursing the baby. 🙂 Baby is getting more independent, though, and can usually play right through me helping with homework, so that is nice! The little guy will sit and color with crayons while the others are working, too.

  23. Thanks for sharing your day! I love my Thieves oil – I’ve never tried it in tea! I typically drink tea with raw local honey and lemon oil. I’ll have to try the Thieves!

    • I put raw local honey in it, too! That plus Thieves makes for some yummy, throat-soothing tea. 🙂 A friend says lemon oil does the same for her (and it’s less expensive). 😉

  24. Got here through the Simply Rebekah post. So real, so fun! Way to go juggling all that, Amy!

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