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A Day in the Life ~ February 15

What is with the 1:00AM hour in my house?!  Last month I was up at 1:22 [3], and last night the clock read 1:29 when I ran a drink into the coughing toddler and got the diffuser running.  “Fank you, Mom.  I love you, Mom.”  Yep.  It was worth it.  It always is.  😉


Lent day three [4] and I have to say I am really enjoying my quiet 6AM alarm and reading time.  At 6:30 I hopped in the shower, and then spent the next hour and a half with a towel wrapped around my head because of the morning craziness.

fried eggs

Breakfast for the kids was fried eggs and morning glory muffins from the freezer.  Lance had granola while I was in the shower.  The baby woke up while I was making breakfast, but she stayed pretty happy long enough for me to get the school kids fed and ready to walk out the door just before 8:00.


Our little guy has been fighting a cold, so he likes to sit close and snuggle up while I’m nursing the baby.  Dear friends, if this photo doesn’t either 1) prove my love for you, or 2) prove my insanity, I don’t know what does.  Me. Morning.  That is all.


While she nursed, he watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and I was Skype chatting with some friends, mostly about the 5 love languages [5] and how we would improve the test.   (Why yes, that conversation did happen when I should have been writing Finer Things Friday and other blog posts that never got done yesterday. Whoops!)

I got her fed and settled, ditched the towel around my head, then made my own breakfast, a mushroom/onion/mozzarella omelet and muffins.  Oh, yum!  I was hungry by 9:00!  She was fussin’ before I could finish eating (story of my life) so I hustled around to nurse her again.  Didn’t take much and she was down for a short nap around 9:30.

I scrambled around the house then, trying to do the next thing [6]and clean up as much as I could before she woke up.  My goal for the house today was to get things in order so we could enjoy our 5 ballgame weekend without a full disaster.  I straightened up the bathroom and quick wiped it down, then tackled the dining table.  Look what came in the mail yesterday!


My very favorite hard lotion [7] and a junior (softer) lotion [7] for the little ones, plus peppermint [7] and French Plum [7] lip balm.  Yay!  Also, a lovely surprise note from blogging friend Amy of Amy’s Monkeys [8].  (Go visit her cute shop!  [8] I want one of her aprons for Mother’s Day this year, I think.)

I didn’t get far in my cleaning up when baby girl awoke.  It’s like she just can’t stand to miss out on anything lately!  We made the best of it.  I cleaned up the kitchen from morning madness and then set to scrubbing potatoes while she played.  I bake a full 5 pound bag at a time so that we can use them for supper (totally going against my menu plan [9], but a baked potato bar sounds easy, so that’s what we’re doing!) and again for breakfast as homemade hashbrowns [10].  I love double duty foods!


Daddy sneaked home for lunch, so they played while I warmed up leftovers for him.  Yep, it’s pretty awesome that he can walk home in less than 2 minutes in the middle of his day!

Mr. 2 went down for a nap just after noon, and I sat with baby girl to nurse her and coax her to nap again.  Once I had her down I grabbed some apples and peanut butter for myself and started my timer for my virtual assistant job.  Thirty minutes in she woke up.  It is such a blessing to be able to switch from the desktop to the laptop and keep on working!  That’s what I did while she nursed and then snoozed in my lap.  Got an hour and a half of work done and then moved over to Pinterest.  [11] One of my goals this year is to reorganize my Pinterest boards and get them up to snuff for blog traffic.

I (finally!) categorized my boards and then the school kids came home and the littles woke up.  Happy chaos ensued as we did afternoon activities and prepared for the evening.


This one has decided on a full-on inchworm/crawl.  We’re mobile!  Perhaps we should do a little baby-proofing… again.

And that was the last photo I took today.  Whoops!

After giving the 9yo supper instructions, I headed out to Stations of the Cross [12] at church.  When I got back 30 minutes later, most everyone had eaten.  9yo took off for the game while everyone else got around.  I stayed home with the coughing 2yo and baby while the rest walked to the gym with strict instructions to come back at halftime so ***I*** could go to the game for a while.  😉

We switched out at half, and baby and I ran over to watch a heartbreaking 1 point loss.  Bummer!  We stayed for the first half of the boys game and then came home so daddy could finish the night at the game with the 2 big kids while the rest got to bed.

5yo and 2yo were sleeping, so baby and I hung out in the recliner, her nursing, me starting this post.  It was fast approaching bedtime (so funny how Lent puts a fire under me!) so when the gamers got home I scrambled around, left the kitchen notsoclean (oops) and got to bed at 10:03.


How was your day?