A Coach Without Cable

You know we have one tv, right?  And one channel?  Uh-huh.  When I tell people that, I’m almost always met with “My husband loves his sports and could never survive without cable.”  Well, my husband loves his sports, too.  So much so that he’s a high school football, junior high basketball, and high school track coach.  And we don’t have cable.  Here he is to tell you why. 


I want cable.

I like sports, history, current events, old movies and nearly everything on tv.  Someday I will have cable, but the timing is not right just yet.

It is hard for people to understand in today’s instant gratification world how I can go without some form of cable or dish. People ask if I saw the highlights or if I saw that movie, then I get the “You don’t have cable!? What do you watch? How do you do it?” Usually the questions come in that order and at least once a week during school.

There are several answers I give after my students get done rolling their eyes because everyone has cable. The first answer is that I am cheap.  Can we afford it?  Well maybe, but I am on a teacher’s salary and my wife is a stay at home mom bringing in some money from her very part-time online work. When we started adding up what it would cost for cable per year it was excruciating. It became clear very quickly that with the channels that would make tv worth it, I could spend $360 to $1,200 a year.  Not worth it. 

So then it becomes the question of needs vs. wants. Cable is not a necessity. I have survived without it for 6 years. Part of that time our regular antenna was out so I had no TV at all.  Somehow I survived that, too. I would rather put an extra house payment down to get out of debt, or set aside the money for something we need, because there’s always something.  

Also, I simply don’t have time for TV. I love sports. I have played and coached them for most of my life. You would think I would want to watch them on TV, but the same love of sports that draws me to them keeps me from watching them. I am usually coaching, as in three sports per year. If I am not coaching, someone in my family is playing a sport. If I am not watching my kids or coaching, then there is probably a niece or nephew or someone from our small town playing something. We support them.

If by some chance I am not at a game in person, then one of my own kids is asking to shoot baskets, play catch, play football, push a swing, go to the park, go swimming, read a book, or a million other things. By the time sports are practiced and played and the kids are in bed, it is time for me to be in bed also. Don’t forget the “honey do” list! That takes some time from the day, and mine never seems to get smaller. You’d be surprised at how fast the day fills up when TV is not the main event.

If there is a big event like the Super Bowl that isn’t on CBS (our one consistent channel), Amy will often whip up a few appetizers and we’ll trade food for tv at a friend’s house.   If we can’t make it work?  No big deal. If there is one thing that is as exciting as watching the Super Bowl it is playing it live in the back yard with the little ones that are growing up so fast.

Life is so much more than TV.  Want to unwind? You can for free! Reading a book or watching for free on line can be just as relaxing (or more) as watching tv.  Just the other night Amy and I caught up with our favorite sitcom via the marvel that is the internet.

Someday I will have the money and the time and I will sink into the recliner and work some couch potato marathon. Not right now. No cable yet. Tomorrow? We will see.


Sure enough, I married a good one!  It’s not wrong to have cable and enjoy tv, if that’s your thing.  It’s just not our thing.  When making choices about where to spend our limited funds, cable got the boot, for now.  We’ve learned to embrace this season without tv and live it up!

What fun things do you enjoy when you’re not watching tv? 

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  1. We gave up cable when we moved into our house 8 years ago, figuring we’d see how things went and that we could always get it again. We’re still going strong! I truly don’t miss it.

    The main reason is that I’m cheap. We too had the $1200 realization–we’ve saved *almost $10,000!!* over these past 8 years! Over time I’ve come to realize too that it was a time vacuum for me, as there is always something interesting on HGTV, Food Network, or the History Channel–but there are also always other things I could/should be doing. When we had cable, it was all to easy to just plop down and watch.

  2. anna penrod says:

    What fun things do you enjoy when you’re not watching tv?

    Read your blog! 🙂 We don’t have cable and I don’t really ever plan on getting it (aside from the cost, the content on TV is my main issue), but it’s still nice to not feel like the only cable-free family.

  3. Great, great piece (and love the pics!)

    Sigh. We did without cable in Indiana and LOVED it. We had an antennae and could get a couple channels. Here in CT, due to mountains and trees, we can’t even pull in one fuzzy channel without cable or dish. So we have some bare-bones plan. My husband likes to watch the news at night (especially when I’m able to stay awake to join hime!) I would happily do without it, but I’m not married to a guy who asks for much. So this is one of those things we pay for in this season.

    HOWEVER. Should we ever find ourselves living someplace flat again, we would ditch it in a heartbeat! 😉

  4. We are cable free as well. Which is a bit hard for my college sports loving husband. We do instant netflix (no dvds) and get to watch things we like ( Dragnet, Star Treck (for the hubs), British mystery shows, etc). By having an X-box my hubby gets to watch ESPN for free and we actually get most of the college stuff he likes. For a 150 a year (netflix &xbox), it works for us.

  5. We don’t have cable either. We do have to pay $13 a month to get the very basic channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS only!). The jump to get the next level is another $50 or so.

    Last spring the cable company was doing some work on our street and we had gotten a notice that they were realigning their channels. One morning we woke up with cable. Not knowing if this was part of the realignment or not, we didn’t say anything – figured the company must know what they were doing. It lasted about a month before it suddenly disappeared.

    During that time I realized that there are just so many options when you have cable. There is always something on TV – so that at the first hint of wondering what to do next, the TV came on. My dh and I would stay up late at night watching HGTV or TLC rather than getting the much needed sleep to help us function during the day. My kids were suddenly exposed to all sorts of shows that I knew nothing about – shows that aren’t good for them. With nothing but PBS I am pretty sure it is all appropriate. And the sports watching virtually never stopped for my teenage son.

    I often wonder if the cable company did it on purpose hoping that we would get hooked and sign up for cable – but in my mind it did the opposite. Having access to cable for a month made me realize exactly why I don’t want cable and stops our wondering if it would be worth it.

    If there is a big game on that we don’t get we do 1 of a few things. Head to my sisters, dh and oldest ds will head to a sports bar and watch it, or the whole family will head to Buffalo Wild Wings for an afternoon watching our favorite team. This really only comes up once or twice a year.

  6. We recently gave up cable…after a year of barely turning it on (except for the news)….we decided to ditch it…and…after the past few week’s around the world…I am thankful I did! This is a great post! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I sure wish I could get my husband to ditch DirectTv. That sucks nearly $1500/year out of our very tight budget. I also can’t get him to ditch the land line. It isn’t as though we live in the country, we live in a suburb of Dallas. You all provide me hope that some day, maybe, we could do without cable, too.

  8. Shelley Bass says:

    I have never had a TV in my home. I am 37 years old. My kids are 15, 13, 11, and 5 months old. They have never had a TV in their home either. My husband is 38 and he never had a TV in his home either. I don’t miss it. I often wonder how ppl find time to watch T V lol.

  9. Give your husband a big THANK YOU for writing this. Your life sounds so much like ours–only he’s a public school band director/teacher instead of a coach. I’ve logged many hours on the school’s bleachers during football and basketball games supporting the marching/pep bands and the athletes. When we moved to this house 2 years ago we realized that we had absolutely no TV reception (thank you large, iron-filled hills!). We checked the budget and opted for cable internet and no cable TV. I can still catch my Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu and we’ve started trading TV series on DVD with friends and relatives. I’m not sure we’ll ever go back to having regular TV, with all of the commercials, etc. AND, I, too, can bribe my way to the Super Bowl or the Olympic opening ceremonies with food!

  10. Beth Long says:

    Growing up, I was definitely raised with the, “we’re too busy for tv mentality.” Now, as an adult I find that’s how I view things as well…we have a very fun and very full life. We do have the basic-without-a-box cable…sigh…for the sports and movies. But, as my husband is quick to point out we don’t have much else for entertainment that we spend money on, and this is cheaper than blockbuster or sitting at a restaurant to watch the game. I wonder though as our family grows and our son gets more into sports/teams/obligations away from home if we’ll just drop it all together.

  11. I have been without cable for a few years. That means NO TV here, as I cannot get even local channels. I read a lot. I do have a TV and watch videos.

    • We were able to get one good channel up until a few months ago. I don’t know what happened then, but it no longer comes in. Oh well!

  12. We used to get the antenna channels + converter box = lots of free Chicago channels. This turned into a lot of wasted time watching shows I didn’t really intend to.
    Then we sold the TV because we didn’t have room for it and our computer in our new apartment. We just have netflix now, and I have to be intentional about what to watch. It’s waaaaaaaay better.
    The pile picture is fun. 🙂

  13. No cable here too and loving it! We Netflix and I think I should look into ESPN thing on the XBox. Other then that books, play and cooking pretty much take over the day.

  14. In 17 years of marriage – we’ve never had tv or cable (or where we live now it would be satellite). We get the looks, too, when people assume we’ve seen the latest shows or commercials. Don’t get me wrong – we enjoy plenty of movies and YouTube when we have time. 😉 What do we do without tv? Raise and homeschool our 9 children, raise some chickens and goats, have friends over, read a LOT, play – we don’t have time for tv!

    My husband enjoys sports, but avoids watching them because he gets so caught up that, “I’d be the guy throwing a brick at the tv.” We got together at a friend’s house to watch the Superbowl last year, and we saw a side of Daddy we’d never seen before. He lost his voice! While we had a blast, I’m so glad we don’t have that level of intensity on a regular basis. 🙂

    • “Don’t get me wrong – we enjoy plenty of movies and YouTube when we have time. ” Oh, us too. Favorite date night and family night activity!

  15. We’ve been married almost 19 years without having cable. In fact, while we do watch Netflix for movies, the only time our TV comes on is to watch the Olympics or election coverage! Do I feel like we are missing anything? No. In fact, I feel like our lives are much fuller. We are not slaves to a TV schedule and don’t have the constant extra noise that a TV on all the time provides. I am fine with getting my news from the internet and never have to wonder if the show that’s on is appropriate for my kids.

  16. Love this from his perspective. I too, am married to a teacher /coach, was a stay at home mom and now work part-time to avoid having to place our children in before or after school care. We have had the drop the cable discussion many days and now that we have tried netflix, are ready to cut the cord. For us. its not necessarily the love of sports, but the history channel. He is a history teacher and all things history buff. For me, not only is it the money, but the fact that we are never home, between school, practices, work, etc. And the little time we are home, we can watch via internet. I must share this with my husband. Thank you for sharing with your readers!

    • Netflix has lots of History Channel specials on instant watch! Just last night we watched a History Channel special on The Dark Ages.

      Cut the cable. You won’t regret it!

    • Mine is a history teacher, too! And yes. so hard to justify the expense when we’re never home to watch it.

  17. We dont have cable either and I have no regrets! Being in our mid 20s most people think we are demented and often make rude comments! It really doesnt bother me though; I know that not having cable has helped us to pay off $30K of debt in 3 years on very modest salaries.

    If I want to watch something I see it on the internet. Or I can watch at my mother’s house when we go down to do laundry.

    I especially will not be buying it anytime soon! Our first baby is due this spring and I refuse to raise one of those children who can’t entertain themselves and have limited imagination.

  18. We have been blessed not to have television capability for our entire marriage. For us it is a matter of accountability before the lord. We don’t have one because we know it hinders our walk with the lord. I can say that we are definitely more content without it. Our kids are happy with basic toys because they don’t watch commercials, and our focus as parents is not toward materialism. This alone saves us a lot of money,particularly at Christmas time. We bought them a joint gift of some good old fashioned character building books and they were thrilled. You not only save money by not having cable, but you can save much more by not even having television to create an appetite within the flesh for things that are vain and ungodly.

  19. We never had cable and we don’t want it. And we don’t watch television, per se. We have a nice dvd library used for family nights (when we don’t play a game) and those few times we actually watch television. My husband love a good football game. I tease him that he would have more time if he gave up his sports on tv. His response? First I have to start watching it!

  20. When the world went digital (as in the converter box), we did not. We’ve had cable, but we are too cheap as well to pay that much for a time-waster. Our internet is through a main cable company, and they run cable with the super-fast internet. The technician looked at me funny when I told him “no thanks” to which room did I want the cable connected. Nope, not us.

    Not only are we saving money on the entertainment bill we aren’t exposed to advertising ploys for things we don’t need or want. Think about all the things children “need” (and adults for that matter) when they watch TV. It is an angst we just don’t deal with. The kids do not think dating relationships, disrespect for parents, alternative lifestyles (drugs, orientation, counter-culture) are the norms. We don’t have to worry about the show that comes on after the show we’ve approved for viewing. Media hyped hypochondria is also not welcome here. We don’t suddenly seem to have a voice in the back of our minds telling us we have the ailments discussed on pharmaceutical commercials. Without having news blaring in our home, we are not sucked into pessimism by the latest disasters, scandals, and paranoia generated by the media outlets. We don’t have the “I can’t do _______ , my show is on” draws on our time.

    We do keep up with current events from a wide array of online sources. Our children do have a program or two they like to watch from time to time. We watch movies and programs online. The beauty is we are not a slave to it, we choose when and what we watch.

    • Our phone company calls about once a month trying to hook us up with their dish system. They act appalled every single time when I tell them we don’t have tv. Makes me laugh!

  21. My husband is also a teacher and highschool football/wrestling coach. We haven’t had cable since we got married. We still get a lot of games on TV or we can watch them online. And if there’s a game we don’t get and really want to watch we head over to a friend’s house. I love not having cable!!

  22. We have been cable free for over a year. We live a small town and do not get any channels at all. We have subscribed to netflix through our Wii, which costs us $8 a month. We could have basic channels for about $20 here, which is a pretty good deal, but we became convicted about how much family time we were losing to the tv. With a 3 year-old and a 1 year-old, we don’t want to look up and realize we missed out on time with them because we were caught up in following a tv show. With netflix, we never feel like we are missing something if we don’t watch at a certain time. It’s always there for us to come back to. Plus, there are great kids shows and we don’t have to worry about what our kids will see as we’re flipping through channels or even what they might see on a commercial. We have completely enjoyed being without cable, and I feel it has definitely helped us grow closer as a family.

    • Our converter box/antenna is no longer working, as of a few months ago. So we are out of luck completely. So thankful for the internet!

  23. Thank you Amy for every post that you do about money. I am in constant need of discipline in that area. And in my pursuit to get out of debt this is helping me more!

  24. When I saw this post come into my email I thought “oh great another post about bashing those of us who like to watch tv” but I was so wrong! Thanks to your hubby for providing such an honest and non-judgmental post. I grew up with no tv and when I got married, we decided to get satellite. I enjoy watching tv, but (dare I say?) probably a little too much. I love watching hockey but with a game every other day, it does get a bit excessive. I also worry about what my daughter is exposed to. Thanks for making me think :).

  25. We haven’t had cable since 2007. We only had it for about 4 years before that. When our income was cut, we hung on to cable for a couple more months (so the children could watch the Disney channel!) One of my biggest regrets was that I didn’t get rid of it sooner.

    Just Sunday, a woman at church was talking about all of the inappropriate tv commercials to which our children are exposed. She said that they were “unavoidable.” I disagree. If you don’t have cable, they’re COMPLETELY avoidable! And, not only do my children not see them, but my husband and I don’t have to watch them either!

    For those that asked about ESPN–check them out online. You might just be surprised on how much you can see online.

    I have too many things to do to watch tv every night! People are always asking me how I have time to do so much. There are two simple things: 1, I am home (not driving all over) and 2, I don’t have cable!

  26. Great post. We gave up cable this year after our $33 special expired and it went up to $90 a month. It has really been a blessing to our family. We get more done around the house, the kids are playing outside more and we have an average of 3 hours more time together as a family. Im slightly worried about how my husband will feel in the winter months when we cant leave the house but Im hoping we will just transition into indoor activities and leave the tv off. Also I need to mention that tv brings a HUGE amount of FEAR into the home. Horrible news, constant BAD NEWS and next thing you know your fearful and scared to go out in this crazy world. I have felt so incredibly good in the morning just by not watching the news.

    Glad there are other families keeping the boob tube off as well.

  27. We do not have cable either, we made a decision a few years ago after multiple inappropriate commercials came on right in the middle of the day on “family” channels, at that point I said it was simply not worth exposing our children too. Our children had gotten to where they wanted to turn on the tv as soon as we came home from somewhere! The neighbor kids that are constantly at our house come in talk about tv ALL DAY LONG. These kids don’t know how to play because all their time at home is spent watching mindless tv and video games.
    We do have instant streaming Netflix but even then I think it is a waste of money, the only time we watch it is if hubby is home on the weekends and he wants to watch a movie. If there is a show I want to watch I watch it for free on hulu.

    Our children spend their days playing outside, playing dress up, and using their imagination.

  28. We don’t have cable either. We’ve been married 17 1/2 years and have only had cable about 2 years of that time. Honestly, it’s something that we can’t afford either, plus we’re busy people and don’t have time to sit in front of the t.v. We’d rather be doing something productive with our time and money….like building relationships with other people. We can get PBS, NBC and Fox from our t.v. and we’re perfectly happy with that.

  29. What a great post! This is one of the many reasons I love reading your blog. We have lots in common. =) Also I learn a lot from reading about you and your family.

    My husband and I have been without cable for 10 years. I don’t miss it even a tiny bit. Our first reason for no cable is the horrible content. I don’t have to worry about my kids turning on the tv and seeing or hearing things that are inappropriate and repulsive. And my husband and I aren’t idling away our time watching the television. Also, as your hubby mentioned, we save tons of money by not having it. We love being cable free!

    • I’m glad I don’t have the tv to tempt me, but I still have to fight the whole idling thing with the computer. Constant battle.

  30. We haven’t had cable since moving into our house in the country over 7 years ago. At first it was because we were too busy getting settled to watch tv. Now it is just habit. We have about 30 channels with just our antennea (thanks to all the HD channels) and that suits us just fine. Our kids were furious at first and still complain about it from time to time, but have, for the most part, gotten used to it. Nice not to have a dish bill now.

  31. “Life is so much more than tv.” Preach it!

    • Can I have my husband come to your sermon?? – He is addicted to hockey (which seems to be a never ending season and just loves football- his team and all the others) – how did u all break your husbands?? The kids are OK – they watch but would rather play – but the hubbie is my hard sell

  32. We gave up our dish and signed our oldest son up for TaeKwonDo. It was a great trade!

  33. We love our cable free life! I used to get the same eye rolling responses from my students when I taught ninth grade English. They said “if you don’t have TV what do you DO???” Well we TALK. And read. And cook fun foods together. And we did youth ministry. And I got a master’s degree. I would say all of those things are much better uses of our time than watching TV. But if we can get an LSU or Saints game on our free TV or on the internet, then of course we try to watch them.

  34. AllieZirkle says:

    I love this post! I’m a coach’s wife too. My hubby teaches full time, coaches three sports, and I’m now a SAHM. We cut cable a few years ago. We do stream Netflix through a Roku. We love the ability to catch a show and wind down together in the evening. This is just great!

  35. I’m amazed at all the great comments and TV-less families. Sometimes I get the feeling that my family is alone out here in a TV filled land. Between the expense, the lack of morals, the advertising hype, and the just plain time wasting/mind numbing “qualities” TV has, we are thankful our children are growing up without it. We do buy videos from time to time from our favorite “bookstore”–Goodwill, but that is about it. Currently our favorites are anything Shirley Temple, Singing in the Rain, and The King and I (we like the oldies!). We spend our time re-creating our favorite scenes, in-between the lego mania going on too.

  36. Jennifer Young says:

    Great post! I love TV. I really do. I find it to be a great source of entertainment. But, *I* rarely get to watch it with 2 kids to chase around. I’ve been finding that our 4 year old gets incredibly sucked in by the TV and it has not been a good thing. He just told me today that those little chocolate balls are called Cocoa Puffs. Ahem. Thanks. He also tells me I should get a Baby Bullet to make the baby’s food. Ah, the power of marketing. We have pretty much decided that we are going to cancel cable and just use Netflix. We can stream direct to our TV, and there are lots of kid-friendly choices and no commercials. Plus, I can get mom movies through the mail. It’s not no TV, but that’s what’s working for us:) Oh, and PS – my husband hates TV. He would watch sports, but he does not like our local teams, so his teams are never on TV anyway.

  37. Loved that post! I printed it and filed it in my “baby binder”
    Thanks for recommending it!

  38. Geez I feel kind of ridiculous that I never actually multiplied my cable bill times 12. wow..I feel physical pain in my bank account. We do have broadband internet as well as landline phone service through our cable provider too, not that I’m trying to excuse our expenditure. 🙂

    • Isn’t it crazy? You bring up a great point, though. Most of us (myself included!) don’t look at the “big picture” when paying for things. If we can afford the bill, then we can afford it, right? 😉 I think that’s why people get into BIG trouble with mortgages. They don’t look at the enormous number owed, just the monthly bill…

  39. We also cut the cord a couple weeks ago. I was trying to convince my husband to do it for a while because of our budge…and he wouldn’t budge.

    One night I expressed to him the bill was getting ridiculous and that he needed to contact the company and see about either lowering the bill or something because I would rather spend that money on a couple more trips to the farm to see the horses than to give it to the rude _________ at Comcast.

    Well, he went down to the local comcast office (where the clerks are behind bullet proof glass) and tried to get our bill lowered. The wouldn’t. We’ve usually been able to lower it on the phone but we had to pay the bill…so, he thought he would kill to birds with one stone and you have to pay a fee to pay by phone…they used to deduct it out of our account and quit a couple months ago. Not sure why but they wanted to transfer us around and around so we told them to just send the bill…that was a couple months ago. We have far better things to do with out time that sit on hold while they figure out what department they need to send us to…while wasting minutes on our cell phone plan.

    So, my husband said…he tried to talk to this person…nothing. would budge and said, I can’t help you. He said he wanted to just pay the bill, then. He even got a snotty response at wanted to pay the bill.

    They took his money. He paid the bill. And he said the attitude there was just horrible. And he felt like they were really being mean to him. He drove home. It’s only a couple miles. Unhooked the boxes…and returned to the Comcast office. They changed their attitude a little and tried to use the “well what will you watch?” question and you’ll miss your favorite shows. My husband said…don’t worry about me…I still have internet.

    So, we’ve been streaming our favorite shows and using netflix and hulu. I love that our lives aren’t centered around what’s on tonight. We did that a lot. We’d rush home from the farm…just to watch a stupid show.

    Now, I still get to watch my shows, I only have 2 that I really like to watch, but I can watch them on my time…and with very little commercial interruption.

    Love not having cable.

    • “(where the clerks are behind bullet proof glass)” Oh my word! What a crazy experience. Enjoy your extra time at the farm. 🙂

  40. We pay $21 a month for basic cable. That means we get the regular channels like PBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS. I would love it if our TV picked up those channels well enough that we wouldn’t have to pay ANYTHING for cable, but I’m pretty happy to pay the $21 a month instead of a crazy high cable bill. I’m also pretty happy that my HUSBAND is willing to ONLY pay the $21. Trust me, I find enough stuff on those basic channels to waste my time with, I don’t need 60 more!

    I love that your husband wrote this! So Cute!

  41. We’ve been cable free for 4 years! Love it! There’s a couple shows I like but I can watch them through the internet. We also do Netflix, but that’s $10/month. Much cheaper then cable. Cable is too expensive, and there’s too much trash on. When I’m in front of cable at someone’s house or a hotel, I am just astonished at the crap I see. And so thankful that it’s not around for my kids to see.
    My hubby and I like to get the kids in bed and read or we play games together. It’s funny b/c we don’t even remember how we had time to watch before. I guess we got rid of it when we only had one child, but still…. no time
    Good for you!

    • Yes! We were at a hotel a few weeks ago and I had a HARD time finding something to watch that didn’t make me cringe. And that was without the kids there!

  42. No cable, no tv, and no videogames for us. Yes people do look at us like we have three heads. But honestly, we don’t have time for that. Our boys actually play – outside! They read, color, do models, etc. If all else fails, we have a serious game of cops and robbers. 🙂

  43. I would love to get rid of cable, but it’s Internet that is necessary for my family and I to have. Verizon’s package breakdown is something like $60 for Internet (considering the speed you desire), $20 for cable (which will have espn), and land line phone for $10. I would get rid of this package, but I need internet. Is there a reliable Internet service provider that is cost efficient? I know there are some dial – up providers, but I am afraid of slower service or other complications such as getting bumped off – line due to a dial – up connection. What would you suggest? Thank you for your time!
    Karyn Keyser

    • Hi Karyn ~ I understand your frustration, and need you to know that my husband meant it when he said this: “Someday I will have the money and the time and I will sink into the recliner and work some couch potato marathon. Not right now. No cable yet. Tomorrow? We will see.” 2 1/2 years after that post was written, we do have cable, though I cringe at how LITTLE we use it. No time for marathons yet. 😉 Actually, DirectTV was less expensive and more accommodating to our needs.

      I need to spend some time RE-researching our options, because with technology changing as fast as it does, the offers change! We still have a landline, too, and won’t be getting rid of it any time soon. Between that and our tv and our cell phones (that weren’t necessary with all little children when we were home most of the time, but now are necessary because some of our kids are older and we’re on the go more) I need to find a better “package” deal, I think. I do know that with the way I use my internet, dial up is definitely NOT an option.


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