A Bit of Summer Randomness

1.  I’m not at BlogHer in Chicago this weekend, and I’m okay with that.  No laptop, no iPhone, no new wardrobe… I wouldn’t have fit in anyway. 😉  Although I do enjoy meeting fellow bloggers, I’ll sit this one out.  And if I get a chance, I might enjoy a little BlogHop.

2.  Recruited some help in the garden yesterday.  This is my neighbor’s tomato jungle.  Can you see my gardening assistants?

tomatoes Here, let’s get a little closer.


They picked 8 juicy red tomatoes that the big people couldn’t get to!  It’s nice to have good help.  🙂

3.  Speaking of the garden, you know my history with mystery plants. Last year it was pumpkins.  This year it’s cantaloupe and a crazy tall plant in the middle of the mulch pit.  Until tonight I dismissed the tall plant as “some type of thick grass or something.”  Upon closer inspection… it revealed a corn husk.  We have sweet corn growing in our mulch pit!

4.  My baby turned two years old yesterday, and I’ve got a serious case of baby fever!  With our history, I don’t know if more children are in our future, but we sure are praying about it.  Thank goodness for new infants in the family to love on!

5.  Over the weekend we visited Deanna Rose Children’s Farm in Kansas City.  Even though our children visit farm animals on a fairly regular basis on real farms, they were enthralled.  At the milking barn I commented to my friend Janet that “That is the cleanest cow I’ve ever seen” to which she replied, “Amy, we don’t have dirt in Johnson County.”  Cracked me up!

6.  Took my daughter to the dentist today.  Again.  For another filling. And tonight our dentist called the house.  Again.  Just to check up on my girl.  Dental gratitude…

7.  If you’ve been waiting for the next installment of Mommy, Come Home, it’s coming.  I’ve been mulling over a post for about a week.  It’s about taking a leap of faith, which is what I need to do and just post the thing!

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  1. Stacey from Australia says:

    My daughter is also a fillings girl, she’s 6 & has 18 fillings! We go to the dentist for a checkup every 3 months & there is nearly always something to watch or another hole & just this week we discover she has a hole in her new 6 year old moler (it’s only just come through!) The first lot of fillings (11 at once) were done under anetstitic which was traumatising for me! She always cleans her teeth very well morning & night & just seems to have problems with decay. It’s nice to know she isn’t the only one!

    Love your Blog, been subscribed for a couple of weeks now & am really enjoying the Mommy come home series.


  2. Re: #4, I’ve been quietly praying for you since we met.

    One of my cousins lives in Johnson County. I think the no-dirt think is honestly true! :>)

  3. I am glad I am not the only person with a jungle for tomato plants. Its nice that I have tons of tomatoes and my lettuce is still growing strong, but most of the other plants have had too much shade to do much growing. Oh well, next year we can have cucumbers and squash.

  4. We love Deanna Rose. I live north of Manhattan but my husband had to have cancer radiation treatment for 5 weeks at KU. Our son was 3 then and I was pregnant. We have gone many times since. In fact we are planning a getaway to KC Thursday. We are going to Coco Keys thursday and Deanna Rose on Friday. Thanks for the great blog.

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