A Beautiful, Sleepy Mess

Dear Serta ~

When I signed up months ago for your blog ambassadorship , I was super excited to receive our very first new mattress.  I just knew that since I’d be accountable to write a few posts about my mattress, which of course would reside in our bedroom, I would certainly be motivated to do some long-awaited homekeeping tasks in there.

My ambitious notions included getting our bedroom cleaned up once and for all, ridding our walls of the chipped, flat, mint green mistake made years before our arrival, ditch the torn roller shades for proper curtains, and maybe even hang a few pictures on the walls.  Yipee!

I envisioned keeping an eye out for the perfect steal on a new bedding set to replace our faded and torn, 12 year old one.

I dreamed up blog posts about bedtime routines, creating a haven rather than a hazard zone in the bedroom, sleep quality and quantity, and yes, even a romantic thought or two.

You see, I pretty much figured a new mattress would transform my sleep, my bedroom, and my time management skills.

Serta, you are good, but you’re not that good.

We have our comfy, firm mattress, and we’re enjoying it!  We are not, however, sleeping better.  Nor are we sleeping in a clean, frugally decorated haven.  Please don’t take offense, Serta.  It’s not your fault.  Really!

Instead of perfect and beautiful, we have this perfectly beautiful mess.


And apparently they think the Serta is quite comfy, too.

This season will pass, and someday (soon, we hope) I won’t wake up with a footed pajama toe in my nose.  For now we’re happy to share our ugly space, and our comfy bed, if for no other reason than it’s the only sleep we’re gonna get!


Waking up to that face?  Well, she’s forgiven.


{I’m sure some of you (hi, mom!) will be appalled that our children end up in our bed some nights.  Actually, this was a first in months for Mr. 2, so I had to laugh.  And snap a photo.  But there may be others of you who are getting.no.sleep. and not functioning well because even though you’ve tried all of the things, you’re still up and down with the baby all.night.long.  Dear mama, if you’re having a rough night and the only thing that calms your babe is to be next to you, I say go for it!  Been there, living that, and I promise, neither of you will be scarred from it.  Get some sleep!}


Disclosure:  As a Serta blog ambassador, I am compensated for sharing information and deals about the Serta brand.  All opinions and cute little sleepy people are my own.  (Though I may lend one or two out if you ask at 2am.)


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  1. LOL for sure! And thanks for being willing to share your cute little sleepy people (speaking of which I saw a baby in the store the other day that looked very much like Mr. 2), but I’ve got cute sleepy people of my own and they too think mommy & daddy’s bed is comfy! Although it seems my youngest sleeps better in his big brother’s bed,and it’s very firm, it seems he’d prefer to sleep next to mommy.

  2. Awww! I’ve got little people that sleep better in mommy & daddy’s bed too…although mine aren’t as little as yours (youngest is 4 almost 5!!). I do remember before our first was born, I was adamant that babies do not belong in bed with their parents. Ha! That was fine until the first time I fell asleep nursing and DD slept for hours beside me!!

    • Yes! We were “good” with our first. She slept in her own bed. Then the wheels came off with #2. I sure slept better for about 9 months, though, when he became too restless to sleep with us anymore. I say do what works! 🙂

  3. Ha! I can SO relate! I’ve been there on and off (mostly on) for the past 23 years!! The thing is, I’m on my last leg of it, and while I love every stage of life and see beauty in each place I’m in, I absolutely love cuddle time with my children and I’m going to be sad to see an end to that phase of life… fat lips and all! 🙂

    Live it up Momma!

  4. PS Isn’t it funny how we dream up perfect case scenarios and how often they don’t happen? Ha!! The story of my life! 🙂

  5. My husband was not able to sleep with any kiddos in the bed. So I created a little “bed” on the floor next to my side of the bed. Anytime during the night, they could come and crash on the floor next our bed. It worked wonderfully. …… except when I stepped on them in the morning (I am pretty much blind without my glasses).

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