5:00 AM {Finer Things Friday}

I’ll be honest.  When the alarm goes off, I pretty much hate 5:00 AM.  But I have to admit, 5:00 AM has been a very good thing for me.  Three days a week now, that alarm goes off and I head out at 5:25 for my 5:30 Zumba toning class.

Here in Tiny Town, there is no exercise gym, but my cousin’s wife is teaching Zumba toning, so about seven of us gather in the wee hours to shake those weights.  My body doesn’t like to move like that, but it wakes me up, gives me energy for the day, and helps melt away some of this post-baby squishy-ness.  Love me some squishy babies, but notsomuch a squishy mama belly. 

When I get home, I have time for a shower before the kids wake up, and sometimes I can even get a head start on the daily to-do.

Getting up early?  Not fun.  But getting up early?  Yes, even that can be a Finer Thing.  (Especially if I can score a nap later in the day!)

What Finer Things are you celebrating this week?  Link up and let us know!

Anybody else getting up early with me? When do you get your exercise in?


  1. Wow!! You just had a baby and already are out the door working out that early! I used to do that before I had kids 4 years ago!!! Impressive that you can get out of bed after night feedings and go work out. Maybe I will attempt it after baby number 3 gets here! Good for you!!

  2. Good for you. You’re way more motivated than I! I left a link on football & my girls!

  3. I try to get up early to spend time with God in the morning. I don’t always succeed, but it’s SO worth it when I do. I would love to add a work-out and shower to my routine soon! 🙂

  4. Good for you! I also get up at 4:45 to go running. If I don’t get it done first thing in the morning I have found I won’t get it done at all. I really wish I had the coordination for Zumba, I don’t think anyone would want to see me in that class though.

    • I totally do NOT have the coordination for zumba, which is partly why I’m forcing myself to do this. It’s total entertainment plus a workout. Ha!

  5. I shared my Sourdough Starter in 12 Hours recipe.

  6. I would love to try zumba someday! If nothing else, my lack of rhythm would entertain the class!

  7. I’m super impressed. My baby is 3 months old and I’m lucky if I get 5.5 hours of sleep every night and I have a 2.5 year old. I would love to workout I just can’t figure out where to fit it in until the baby starts sleeping a little more for me.

    • Honestly, this is the easiest for me, and then I SLEEP if I need to when my 2 year old takes his nap. But yes, I’m near tears on the nights when the baby doesn’t sleep well.

  8. Sheila Laurence says:

    Good for you! I do Crossfit 4 days a week at 5, so get up at 4:30. It’s so good for you on so many different levels. I’m glad you found something that works for your schedule and that you like!

  9. Blessings on you for getting up at 5. Two to three times a week I get up at 5 in order to be at the pool by 5:30 for laps and then a 6-7:00 water aerobics class. Always exhausted afterwards, but very much worth it. Would love to go every day (only for an hour though), but so far my schedule won’t allow it, thus the 1 1/2 hour blitz each time trying to get in as much as I can. Two times a week allows me to maintain my weight, the third is actually helping me lose. Yeah!!

  10. Oh heavens, girl! This post almost made me throw up in my mouth!

    *clearly I am NOT a morning person*

    • You are too funny! I truly could major in sleeping in, but I’m super productive when I don’t. (And on my no exercise days, I get out of bed at 7:00 with the kids.)

  11. Even the idea of 5:30am functioning makes me want to vomit! My perinatologist prescribed yoga and swim for my pregnancy induced hypertension, so we finally joined the Y. I had been afraid we’d not use it enough to justify the cost. Turns out we actually LOVE it! We’ve been members for 13 days and have gone 6 times already!!! I’m loving 10 am yoga and River Fitness. I can’t really do earlier than 10am. ha ha!

  12. I tried zumba once when it was free at our local Y and I was in between training for Marathons. Those classes are killer workouts! One of the regulars told me she wanted to take up running but did not think she had the endurance for it. I told her if she could endure hour long zumba classes she could easily endure a 5K race.

    • The one I’m taking is a zumba toning, and they say it’s a little “slower” because of the toning factor. I have nothing to compare it to. I just know I’m constantly tripping over my own feet. 😉

  13. You know, you can get good exercise in the afternoon as well!

    • I could… but not really. If I’m going to work out, it has to be done in the morning before I lose all motivation. And this particular class is holding me accountable at the moment.

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