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38 Birthday Blessings

1.  Waking up next to a snuggly, fleecy 3 month old doll baby.

2.  A hot shower.

3.  My favorite pair of jeans.

4.  Fuzzy socks.

5.  Reading the book “just one time!” Again. 😉

6.  An early morning pat on the back.

7.  Swagbucks. [3]

8.  Facebook wishes.

9.  Breakfast prayers prompted by a 5 year old.

10  More patience than I deserve.

11.  Bright, blinding sunshine.

12.  Crisp, cool fall air.

13.  Tinted lip balm [4] from Made On. (absolutely my favorite)

14.  Dangly earrings.

15.  A found pacifier justinthenickoftime.

16.  Ample cargo space.

17.  Kitchen full of Azure groceries to put away.

18.  Hubby running home for 5 minutes at lunch to unload vehicle while I nursed the hungry baby.

19.  Two hours of quiet in the middle of my day.

20.  More birthday cards than bills in the mailbox.

21.  Phone calls from family.

22.  Grilled hamburgers.

23.  Oven fries.

24.  Fresh pineapple.

25.  THE pumpkin dessert.  [5]

26.  The very moment they were reminded that it’s Mom’s Birthday.  (so. hilarious.)

27.  The singing and dancing that ensued.

28.  “Laugh till you cry” skype chats with close friends.

29.  Friends who get me.

30.  I did eventually get that back rub.

31.  A mid-November walk to the post office, with no jacket.

32.  Their excitement over old-school Mario Bros.

33.  Ridiculously dumb tv comedy.  So funny.

34.  Caller ID.

35.  Phone silencer.

36.  Enjoying the bedtime routing, as a spectator.

37.  Goodnight hugs and kisses.

38.  Long evening chats.

I am blessed!

What Finer Things [6] are you celebrating this week?  Link up and let us know!