31 Days of Digging Through the Archives

There’s a blogging movement that has happened in October for the last few years. Bloggers commit to writing on the same topic for 31 days straight, everyone has a party at The Nester and it’s just a whole lotta fun. And work. And time.

I toyed with the idea of participating. 31 Days of Real Food. 31 Days of My Reality. 31 Days of Thriving in a Large(r) Family. 31 Days of Giving Thanks. The possibilities are endless (thank you for your suggestions and encouragement!) but there are some things going on in our life right now that make the day to day very uncertain.  And overwhelming. Rather than disappoint us all (again) I’m going to refocus on one of my goals this year and improve some of the good stuff that’s already here!

It would be a Finer Thing for this space if I did some virtual housekeeping for the next 31 days. I’ll still write new stuff when I can. In fact, there’s a post about a faded purple tricycle in drafts right now, but I also want to bring new life to old posts. For those of you who haven’t read here for 5 years, it may all be new to you. Yay! Hopefully the 5 of you who were around in 2008 will be reminded of a few good things, too. 😉

Cheer me on as I attempt to spruce up and reintroduce an archived post each day this month!

First up? Fajitas. Our garden + CSA produce = a bounty of peppers, so we’ve enjoyed this recipe from the archives multiple times in the last few months. I spruced it up with new photos, more concise instructions, and a few tips. If you enjoy fajitas, you’ll love this recipe!

Beef and Chicken Fajitas

Easy Beef and Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Are any of my fellow bloggers participating in the 31 Days of… challenge? I’d love to hear your topics! Also, I always enjoy hearing about what you’d think is helpful around here! (Yes, yes I know I’m supposed to be writing about real food. I will!)

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  1. I love this idea, Amy!! It’s something that I should do myself…next year, maybe? I’m doing 31 Days of Digi-scrapping.

  2. This is a great idea!! I look forward to the series.

  3. I love this idea and am excited to read the posts you spotlight! I hope that whatever it is that is leaving you uncertain and overwhelmed will resolve soon. 🙂

  4. Great idea! I’m doing 31 Herbs and Spices 🙂 And those fajitas do look yummy!

  5. This is a great idea! Looking forward to perusing your archives with you…I’ve been around since early 2009, maybe even 2008 so it will be like a little trip down memory lane each day! 🙂

  6. Great idea! I’ve been reading for probably most of those years (I think I found you through Money Saving Mom) but it will be nice to re-read some of your posts! We love these fajitas. My family always likes it when I make them!

  7. I decided to join in but whew, it’s a commitment! I am doing 31 Days To Helping A Family In Crisis. I should said 31-ish days. Writing when I can over the 31 days. 3 days in I canned the write every day thing. 😉

  8. You should re-post your Holiday Dinner Roll recipe during this month. I’ve been making them since your originally posted the recipe and they are our favorites. I’m actually making them right now 🙂

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