100 Finer Things

  1. The smell of a baby fresh from the bath.
  2. Clear, starry nights.
  3. The unbridled laughter of children.
  4. The words “I love you” partnered with the look that means it.
  5. Freshly cut grass.
  6. Swinging at the playground.
  7. A child’s hands folded in prayer.
  8. Eating produce grown from your own garden.
  9. The whole family snuggling in one bed on Saturday morning.
  10. Watching older siblings care for younger ones.
  11. Fresh clothesline-dried sheets.
  12. All of my children napping at the same time.
  13. The refreshing smell of rain.
  14. Homemade gifts: given or received.
  15. Chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven.
  16. Witnessing your child’s first steps. (or any firsts!)
  17. A hot bubble bath on a cold night.
  18. Sleeping with the windows open to catch the cool breeze.
  19. A quality back rub, or foot rub… or neck rub… shoulders…
  20. Chocolate covered strawberries.
  21. The way bread baking in the oven makes the whole house smell cozy.
  22. Chasing fireflies.
  23. Random acts of kindness.
  24. Rocking a waking baby while the sun rises.
  25. Catching your own fish, and reeling it in.
  26. Family bike rides through town.
  27. A large, close-knit extended family.
  28. A freezer fully stocked with fresh foods.
  29. Checking off everything on the to-do list!
  30. Putting the to-do list aside to play with or read to the kids.
  31. Not running the air conditioner in August, in Kansas.
  32. Comfort food.
  33. Playing outside in beautiful weather.
  34. A back yard bumper crop.
  35. Giving.
  36. Having money available when an unexpected expense arises.
  37. The smells of fall (pumpkin, apples, spices).
  38. Napping on a cloudy, cool day.
  39. Answered prayer.
  40. Unrushed family meals eaten peacefully.
  41. Snuggled up with the kids in their jammies, reading a good book.
  42. Kids’ footie jammies.
  43. Sleeping in a tent… on a comfy air mattress!
  44. Water-skiing.
  45. The funny things kids say… when they’re not trying to be funny!
  46. An unexpected phone call from a long-distance friend.
  47. Volunteering.
  48. A child’s faith.  “Jesus IS coming!”
  49. Cheering for the winning team.
  50. Receiving a heartfelt thank you note.
  51. Christmas through the eyes of children.
  52. Celebrating the full 12 Days of Christmas.
  53. A fun afternoon at the park on a 63° day in January.
  54. Skate Crazy 9’s.
  55. Antique furniture hand-me-downs.
  56. “You the best mom ever!” accompanied by a voracious hug.
  57. Learning to make it better than you could buy it.
  58. “Mommy, we forgot to pray,” as he closes his eyes and bows his head.
  59. Playing in 10-foot snow piles on a 55° day.
  60. Unasked for, undeserved hugs.
  61. Surprise notes found in the fridge, in my shoe, on my pillow…
  62. Garage sale treasures.
  63. Harmless thunderstorms, quenching the dry earth.
  64. Family game time.
  65. Creating a delicious recipe from scratch.
  66. Forgiveness.
  67. Finding and communicating with friends from long ago.
  68. A fresh coat of paint.
  69. A clean bathroom.
  70. A full bucket.
  71. The resilience of small children.
  72. Holding hands around the table before supper.
  73. The brilliant colors of fall.
  74. Surprise phone calls from a friend or family member.
  75. A child’s pride at accomplishing a much practiced task.
  76. Recreation league ballgames for little kids.  (What a hoot!)
  77. Sleeping in.
  78. The first beautiful spring day after a long winter.
  79. Observing brand new baby animals.
  80. Frisbee.
  81. Rickety, tiny (but safe!) county carnivals.
  82. Hearing “This is the funnest day, ever!” from our children.
  83. Holding my 3-year-old baby, while feeling my in utero baby swimming around.
  84. Babywearing.
  85. Delicious Air
  86. Sledding on a car hood behind a 4-wheeler.
  87. Slobbery, open-mouthed baby kisses.

To be continued… I’d love to know what’s on your finer things list.

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